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This team quit the detour resulting in a 24-hour penalty1
This team won the race in a very close footrace2
This team became the first team to use the Fast Forward but get eliminated in the same leg3
This team misread their clue resulting in a 37 minute penalty3
This team filled their car with the wrong gasoline3
This team quit the race due to aching knees5
This team spent 10 hours pushing hay bales without finding the clue6
This team misread their clue by taking just one donkey instead of two6
This family fell behind at the Roadblock after struggling to find a red coffee beanFamily Edition
This team became the first to be yielded and be eliminated in the same leg9
This team got hopelessly lost in Kuwait City10
This team ran a sloppy fourth leg after winning the first three legsAll-Stars (2007)
This team had donkey woes that lead to their elimination12
This team became the first U-Turn victims12
This team suffered a ticketing error in Lithuania12
This team lost their passports in the cab in Moscow13
This team fell short of the final three when one team member took an untimely bathroom break14
This team was eliminated at the Starting Line15
This team arrived first but discovered they lost one of their passports15
One team member had a fear of heights and water and refused to go down the water slide15
This team quit after being unable to complete either side of the detour15
One team member took a four-hour penalty for unable to complete the Roadblock after an opposing team member broke the deal of working together15
One team member can't keep his balance at the Roadblock and the team couldn't reach the pit stop in the first leg16
This team was forced to complete a harder Detour challenge after being U-Turned16
This team got U-Turned by their rivals16
This team made history as the first all-female team to win the race17
One team member floundered at the tea-tasting RoadblockUnfinished Business
This team became the first victim of the double-elimination leg19
This dominating team made a fatal error in Panama19
This team made a colossal blunder by overlooking the pit stop20
This team became the first team to win 8 legs in a season including the final leg, even after being turned back from the finish line after missing the second Roadblock20
This team won the race after seven consecutive second-to-last place finishes21
This team became the first team to be eliminated with the Express Pass still active22
This team became the first parent-child team to win the raceAll-Stars (2014)
This team became the first team to be eliminated in the final leg25
This team became the first team to arrive 4th in the penultimate leg and win the race in the final leg25
This team missed the train due to taking a selfie26
This team was forced to have two members perfoming a Roadblock as part of the Speed Bump27
One team member collapsed due to fatigue at the Roadblock29
One team member fell one step short of avoiding elimination30

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