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Can you name the Celebrity guest appearances on Scrubs?

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DescriptionCelebrityCharacter on show
Dr Cox's best friend; also his brother in lawBen Sullivan
Keith's get-well 'present' for Mrs. WilkesHimself
Elliot's driver's license picture is compared to himHimself
JD's girlfriend in season 5; met on a blind dateJulie Quinn
Irishman named Billy Callahan who taught Turk and JD to live life to the fullestBilly Callahan
Elliot's new doctor friend; JD had to get permission from Elliot to have sex with herDr. Molly Clock
Office Supply SalesmanJD's dad
Works in an air traffic office; his 'father' needs a kidneyMurray Marks
First girl JD broke up with; Jordan's sisterDanni Sullivan
Dr. Cox needs to fire this cafeteria worker to make room in the budget; sings 'Isn't she Lovely?'Cafeteria worker
Garbageman who doesn't thank JD for saving his lifeMr. Sutton
Julie's godfather; Turk keeps calling him his name from Star WarsHimself
JD got her pregnant without actually have sex with herDr. Kim Briggs
Chief of Medicine for the first 3 episodes of season 8Dr. Taylor Maddox
Appeared as the host of Family Feud in season 1; hosted before Richard KarnHimself
DescriptionCelebrityCharacter on show
JD asks if Alex, his first blind date, looks like this man; Dy-no-MITEHimself
Appears in 'My Overkill'; lead singer of Men at WorkHimself
Pharmaceutical represenative whom Dr. Cox has a crush onJulie Keaton
Magician/illusionist who visits JD in the bar in 'My Lucky Day'Himself
Dr. Townshend; Preferred to do procedures the old-fashioned wayDr. Townshend
Turk's older brotherKevin Turk
Tasty Coma WifeJamie Moyer
Slept with Jordan; Private practice doctor whom Dr. Cox doesn't want JD to associate withDr. Pete Fisher
Doctor who has severe OCDDr. Kevin Casey
Turk and JD's friend from college; investment banker who revealed that Jordan's baby is Dr. Cox'sSpence
Famous late night talk show host with whom JD daydreams being on Himself
Turk accidentally goes to the wrong wedding and he is the priest; From Star TrekHimself/Mr. Sulu
JD's wedding present (clock) to Turk and Carla; sings as an alarm Themselves (band)
Dr. Cox's born again Christian sisterPaige Cox

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