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Forced Order
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Elections see Catholic PPI and Socialist PSI set up
101 out 317 textbooks banned
Laws on the powers of the Head of government giving Mussolini executive powers (Month Year)
Fascists win 35% of the vote and 7% of seats in election
Bottai sets up Bergamo Prize, Farinacci sets up Cremona Prize
Mussolini and other leaders plan insurrection (DD-MM-YEAR)
Autarky introduced by Mussolini (Month Year)
Measures towards church taken
Election of individual MPs replaced by plebiscite system (Month Year)
Sofindit/IMI are created to stabilise finance (Month Year)
National Fascist Culture institute set up
National Council of Corporations formed (Month Year)
Librico Unico, single govt. textbook introduced
Failed strike marks end of Bienno Rosso (Month followed by year)
Battle for Births Launched
OVRA founded (Month Year)
Wall Street Crash (Month Year)
A limit of 10% was imposed on state jobs for women
Elected Mayors appointed by podestas (Month Year)
Director General in Culture Ministry appointed
King agrees to martial law at 2am then reverses position at 9 am (DD-MM-YEAR)
Rocco Unions Law: Strikes and free unions banned (Month Year)
Lauch of Battle for Lira (Month Year)
CIL/GIL labour organisations forced to dissolve (Month Year)
Pope's 'Casti Conubi' encyclical pubclished, stressing traditional role of women
Battle for Land Launched (Month Year)
Battle for Grain initiated (Month Year)
ONB (Ballila) taken over by Education Ministry
Fascists begin to pursue a more right win agenda
Beneduce sets up IRI (Month Year)
Pact of Pacification signed with socialists
Palazzo Vidoni pact banning all non fascist trade unions (Month Year)
Lira devalued (Month Year)
Ministry of Corporations formed (Month Year)
Fascists seize control of some key areas and PM Facta agrees to martial law (DD-MM-YEAR)
Fascists win 66% of the vote (Month Year)
Mussolini arrives in Rome and is appointed PM (DD-MM-YEAR)
Mussolini granted emergency powers for a year (Month Year)
Unemployment reaches 1.3 million
Dopolavoro (OND) set up (Month Year)
Membership for ONB becomes compulsory
Italy's deficit reaches 12,750 million Lira
Fascists only win 2% of election
Mussolini forms the PNF (Fascist party)
Lessons of fascist culture introduced in schools
Salandra advises that Mussolini be appointed PM (DD-MM-YEAR)
All teachers merged into one fascist organisation
Congress in Naples where squads told that Mussolini will seize power (DD-MM-YEAR)
Fascist Grand Council created (MVSN) (Month Year)
Lateran Pacts and Concordat agreement reached with Pope (Month Year)
Fascist Militia created (Month Year)
Limit of 10% imposed on both state and now private jobs for women
LUCE set up
Fascism founded under name fascio di combatimento
Lira raised to 90 to the £ (Month Year)
All teachers required to be fascist party members
Special Tribunals founded (Month Year)
Racial laws discriminating against Jews introduced (Month Year)
Actual March on Rome happens (DD-MM-YEAR)
Matteotti murdered (DD-MM-YEAR)
Military education introduced in schools
Acerbo laws passed (Month Year)
Ballila (ONB) founded (Month Year)

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