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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about the Suikoden series?

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How many True Runes are there?
What is the area of Toran where the first Suikoden takes place?
What was the name of Emperor Barbarossa's deceased wife?
Who are the two bearers of the Gate Rune?
Who was Tir McDohl's Commanding Officer when he joined the Imperial Guard?
What is Flik's nickname?
What is the name of the dice game played by Tai Ho, Gaspar and Shilo?
Who guarded the Fortress of Kwaba?
What is the name of the ancestral sword of the Lepant family?
Which unique reusable item will heal all party members at once?
What was the fortress guarded by Kwanda Rosman?
What Dwarven weapon was used to destroy the Burning Mirror?
What is the name of the huge poisonous rose which protects Scarleticia Castle?
What item must Tir find in order to recruit Jabba?
What was Gremio 'killed' by?
Who founded the Warriors' Village?
Name one of the ingredients required to cure the dragons of their sleeping curse.
What is the name of the sword wielded by Emperor Barbarossa and Teo McDohl?
Who fought against Emperor Barbarossa in the Succession War?
What tragic event caused Mathiu Silverberg and Humphrey Mintz to leave the Imperial Army?
Which three characters were imprisoned in Moravia Castle?
Who betrayed the Liberation Army and caused Mathiu Silverberg's death?
Riou and Jowy begin Suikoden II as members of which military unit?
What type of weapon does Riou use?
Who were the bearers of the Bright Shield and Black Sword Runes before Riou and Jowy?
What is the name of Millie's pet groundhog?
What was the weapon that Tsai made for the Allied Army?
Who was the mayor of South Window?
Clive and Elza were members of which Harmonian organization?
From which character did Lorelai receive her halberd?
What recipe was Hai Yo alleged to have stolen from the Black Dragon Clan?
Which two characters in Suikoden II share the Chikyu Star?
What is the name of the prestigious school located in Greenhill?
What was the name of the young boy who got lost on Mt. Rakutei?
Who was the lord of the Matilda Knightdom?
What are Gijimu, Lo Wen and Koyu better known as?
Georg Prime is known to have a sweet tooth for which dessert?
Who does Sierra Mikain playfully pursue during the course of Suikoden II?
What is the name of Luca Blight's elite company within the Highland Army?
Where does the final battle with Jowy take place?
What was the name of Luc's group in Suikoden III?
What was the name of Thomas' father who made him the master of Budehuc Castle?
What are Melville, Alanis and Elliot better known as?
What is the name of Mel's puppet?
What is the home of the Lizard Clan called?
Who was the chief of the Lizard Clan who was murdered by Yuber?
Ace authored the novel 'Erk's Adventures' under what pseudonym?
Emily is the daughter of which two Suikoden characters?
What is the name of the card game played by Mike?
Sana, the lover of the Flame Champion, was the Chief of which Grasslands Clan?
What name was Karaya Clan warrior Jimba formerly known as?
What is the Knightly Order to which Mua belongs?
What are the large flying insects that the warriors of Le Buque ride called?
Who is the High Priest of Harmonia?
Which of the Six Grasslands Clans was completely wiped out by Harmonian forces?
What was the name of the ritual performed by graduates of the Gaien Marine Knights in Suikoden IV?
What unique rune does Jeane bear?
What was the name of Kika's flagship?
Who could be found on Donut Island?
What was the name of the sea monster kept by Schtolteheim Reinbach II?
What was the name of the front for the Cray Trading Company?
What weapon did Warlock invent?
What was the fortress on the southern border of the Kooluk Empire?
Who was the Falena Loyalist Army's chief tactician in Suikoden V?
Lyon and Dolph were members of which group of assassins?
Who won Lymsleia's Sacred Games?
Who is the Lord of Estrise?
Which two characters in Suikoden V share the Tenfu Star?
What is the name of Linfa and Nifsara's secret society dedicated to protecting pretty boys?
What is the name of the drug which sends its user into a state of fury?
Who was Galleon formerly married to?
Which part of the Islands Nations did Prince Falenas visit?
Which two members of the Queen's Knights chose to side with the Godwin family?
Where does the final battle against the Sun Rune Incarnation take place?
Which special item allows a Hero to warp to and from his headquarters?
What is the name of the ancient race whose ruins and artifacts can be found all over the world?
Who is the bearer of the True Earth Rune?
What is the area in the south of Toran, famed for its wine?
What item is usually required to recruit a Narcissist?
Which two characters are recruitable in all five mainline Suikoden games?

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