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Can you name the 108 Stars of Destiny from Suikoden III?

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TensyoKaraya Village
TenbiBrass Castle
TenjyuVinay Del Zexay
TenkaiBudehuc Castle
TenkoKaraya Village
TenkuKaraya Village
ChisyuBrass Castle
ChisyuBrass Castle
ChimouBrass Castle
TenkiBrass Castle
ChiinBrass Castle
ChisyuBrass Castle
TensonVinay Del Zexay
ChitaiVinay Del Zexay
TenheiVinay Del Zexay
ChisinVinay Del Zexay
TeniAmur Plains
TentaiBudehuc Castle
ChihiBudehuc Castle
ChikenBudehuc Castle
TenmanBudehuc Castle
ChizenBudehuc Castle
ChisonBudehuc Castle
ChisuiBudehuc Castle
ChisouBudehuc Castle
ChisyuBudehuc Castle
ChireiIksay Village
ChireiIksay Village
ChikuIksay Village
ChikouIksay Village
ChikoGreat Hollow
ChibunGreat Hollow
ChimaMt. Hei-Tou
TenbouBrass Castle
ChiketsuBrass Castle
ChikeiBrass Castle
ChisyunBrass Castle
ChiyouBrass Castle
TenkokuBrass Castle
ChiretsuZexen Forest
TenkenVinay Del Zexay
TenhaiVinay Del Zexay
TenzaiGreat Hollow
ChigakuVinay Del Zexay
ChianVinay Del Zexay
ChiyuVinay Del Zexay
ChiyuVinay Del Zexay
ChichinVinay Del Zexay
ChikyouNorth Cavern
ChiyuDuck Villlage
ChisatsuAmur Plains
ChihiYaza Plains
ChikeiDuck Village
ChikouChisha Village
TenanLe Buque
ChitouIksay Village
ChizouDuck Village
ChidoKuput Forest
ChimanChisha Village
ChizokuAncient Highway
ChiakuChisha Village
TenkyuAlma Kinan Village
ChimouAlma Kinan Village
ChisatsuBrass Castle
TensatsuBrass Castle
TensokuIksay Village
ChiiDuck Village
ChieiDuck Village
TensyoAlma Kinan Village
TenkiBudehuc Castle
ChifukuBudehuc Castle
ChikyuDuck Village
ChiyuDuck Village
ChisaDuck Village
ChisouKaraya Village
TenfuKaraya Village
TeniKaraya Village
ChiinKaraya Village
ChijikuKaraya Village
ChijyuChisha Village
ChikakuDuck Village
ChitanDuck Village
TenyuGreat Hollow
TenmouGreat Hollow
TenritsuGreat Hollow
ChibouBudehuc Castle
ChibinMountain Path
ChisokuMountain Path
TeneiAlma Kinan Village
TenyuAlma Kinan Village
ChikatsuNorth Cavern
ChikaiNorth Cavern
ChiriNorth Cavern
ChimeiNorth Cavern
TenrouLe Buque
ChiheiLe Buque
TensuiLe Buque
TengouBudehuc Castle
TenkouBudehuc Castle
TenkanGreat Hollow
ChizenGreat Hollow
ChikaiGreat Hollow
TenyuGreat Hollow

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