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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about Shenmue & Shenmue II?

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Forced Order
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Where is Shenmue set?
In which year is Shenmue set?
What martial art is the Hazuki family famous for?
What is Ryo's father's first name?
Who does Lan Di accuse Ryo's father of killing?
Where was the Dragon Mirror?
What are Ryo's father's dying words?
What is live-in student Fuku-san's first name?
What move scroll can be found on Fuku-san's desk?
What food did Ryo dislike as a child?
Where is the shrine that Megumi's kitten is being kept in?
What is the name of the reflex-based mechanic used in certain action sequences?
The old woman in the beginning of the game is looking for which residence?
What is the 1st prize from the Abe Store ticket draw?
Which move does Ryo teach Fuku-san?
Where does Nozomi work?
Name one of the move scrolls that can be purchased from Bunkaido Antiques.
What is the name of Tom's girlfriend?
What is the name of the Yakuza front in Dobuita?
Which two classic Sega games can be played at You Arcade?
What is the 1st prize from the Tomato Convenience Store ticket draw?
What is the name of the group of professions that served as bodyguards for the Chinese Emperor?
What was Bukichi Itoi of Mary's Patches and Embroidery's Chinese name?
What move did Yamagishi-san teach Ryo?
Where does Akemi work?
If Ryo loses the pool challenge, what must he buy for the base workers?
Where does Ryo learn of Charlie?
Where in Dobuita is the Tattoo Parlor located?
The letter to Ryo's father was from who?
What is the phone number encoded in the letter?
Father's Heaven...
Mother's Earth...
Where is New Yokosuka Harbor located?
What does the homeless man ask Ryo to buy for him?
Name one of the moves that the homeless man teaches Ryo.
What is the name of the family who run Hokuhoku Lunchbox in Dobuita and at New Yokosuka Harbor?
What organization is Lan Di a high-ranking member of?
Where was the Phoenix Mirror?
Where does Nozomi ask Ryo to meet her at?
Where does Nozomi tell Ryo she is moving to?
Where does Ryo's first fight with Chai take place?
Who is the boss of the Mad Angels?
What company in New Yokosuka Harbor does Ryo get a job with?
What is the name of the black market deal that the Mad Angels are organizing?
Who takes the photograph of Ryo and Nozomi?
Name one of the moves that Gui Zhang teaches Ryo.
Who does Master Chen instruct Ryo to meet?
Who steals Ryo's bag when he arrives in Hong Kong?
What motel does Joy arrange for Ryo to stay at?
Who is Ryo's work partner in Aberdeen?
What new kind of collectable can Ryo collect in Hong Kong?
What is the name of the street game that can be played or worked as a part time job?
Where does Jian Min practice Tai Chi?
What move does Jian Min teach Ryo?
Where in South Carmain Qr. does Gui Xiang live?
Who is the master of the Guang Martial Arts School?
What are the names of the Four Wude?
What is the book at Man Mo Temple that Ryo needs to read?
What is the name of Xiu Ying's brother?
What style of martial arts does Lan Di use?
What is the martial artists' password that Gui Xiang teaches Ryo to make with cups?
Where does Eileen practice Tai Chi?
When is Fang Mei's birthday?
What is the name of Ren's gang?
Where does Ren's gang usually hang out?
Where in Wan Chai are the duck races held?
What is the name of the super move that Izumi uses in street fights?
Name one of the move scrolls that can be purchased from Wise Men's Kung Fu.
Who is Ryo's work partner in Kowloon?
What was the password that Yang gave Ryo to gain access into the Dancing Dragon Building?
What is the name of Dou Niu's gang?
Name one of the move scrolls that can be purchased from B.C. Military Surplus.
Which building does Yuan live in?
Name one of the move scrolls that can be purchased from Tiger's Eye Military Surplus.
The four sticks that are required to unlock the door in the Ghost Hall Building are Phoenix, White Tiger...
What is the name of the orphanage where Xiuying and her brother grew up?
What move does Kai teach Ryo?
What is the name the village that Shen Hua is from?
What was Shen Hua attempting to rescue when Ryo first meets her?
What material are the Phoenix and Dragon Mirrors made of?

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