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Can you name the characters from Shenmue & Shenmue II?

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Hazuki Dojo
Protagonist's father 
Live-in student 
Live-in housekeeper 
Friends in Japan
Works at Aida Florist 
Enjoys working on his motorcycle 
Wears a yellow jacket 
Studying to be a teacher 
Seems somewhat cold and harsh 
Works at her father's barber shop 
Antagonists in Japan
High-ranking member of the Chi You Men 
Low-ranking member of the Chi You Men 
Always wears shades and a black leather jacket 
Leader of the Mad Angels 
High-ranking member of the Mad Angels 
Delinquent high school student 
Looking after a kitten at Yamanose Shrine 
...her older sister. The protagonist's old classmate 
A Younger classmate at the protagonist's high school 
Hurt his back on the day of the incident 
Owner of the Candy Store. Treats the protagonist like a little child 
Often found sweeping in front of her house. Likes to gossip 
Young Chinese boy 
Dobuita (Food)
Owner of the Hot Dog Stand 
...his girlfriend 
Works at Tomato Convenience Store 
Owner of Funny Bear Burgers 
Owner of Hokuhoku Lunch Box 
Owner of Yaokatsu Produce 
Owner of the Bakery 
Owner of the Butcher Shop 
Owner of Uokichi Seafood 
Owner of Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant 
Works at Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant 
Owner of Manpukuken Ramen 
Owner of Yamaji Soba Noodles 
Owner of Takara Sushi 
Owner of Bob’s Pizzeria 
Dobuita (Bars)
Bartender at Bar Yokosuka 
Hostess at Bar Yokosuka 
Owner of Heartbeats Bar 
Bartender at MJQ Jazz Bar 
Owner of Bar Linda 
Hostess at Bar Linda 
Owner of Nana’s Karaoke Bar 
Dobuita (Clothing)
Owner of Mary’s Patches and Embroidery Shop 
Owner of the Military Surplus Store 
Owner of Jupitor’s Jackets 
Owner of Water Dragon Thrift Shop 
Works at Water Dragon Thrift Store 
Owner of Water Dragon 2 Thrift Shop 
Works at Water Dragon 2 Thrift Shop 
Dobuita (Other)
Friendly Yakuza boss 
Owner of Bunkado Antiques 
Owner of You Arcade 
Owner of Knocking Motorcycle Shop 
Owner of the Sporting Goods Store 
Works at Asia Travel Co. 
Owner of Global Travel Agency 
Owner of the Barbershop 
Owner of the Chinese Barber & Hair Salon 
...his father. An ex-tailor, well-versed in Chinese history 
Owner of Russiya China Shop 
Owner of Lapis 
Owner of Smiley Flower Shop 
Works at the Smiley Flower Shop 
Owner of the Tobacco Shop 
Owner of the Tattoo Parlor 
New Yokosuka Harbor
American forklift driver 
Petty delinquent who befriends the protagonist 
Wealthy Chinese shipping magnate 
...his son. A skilled martial artist 
Runs the harbor branch of Hokuhoku Lunch Box  
...her younger sister. Often hangs around troublemakers 
Homeless man 
Supervisor of part-time workers at Alpha Trading 
Friends in Hong Kong
Mysterious girl who grew up surrounded by nature. Lives in Baliu Village in Guilin 
Spirited woman who loves to ride motorbikes. Daughter of a Hong Kong Shipping Magnate 
Canadian student learning Kung Fu. Can be found practicing Tai Chi in Pigeon Park 
Japanese student living in Hong Kong. Works at Tomato Convenience Store 
Crate lifting work partner. Easygoing worker at Fortune's Pier 
Crate lifting work partner. Huge Mongolian who works at the Thousand White Warehouse in Kowloon 
Antagonists in Hong Kong
Leader of the Yellow Heads 
Crossdressing member of the Yellow Heads 
Mysterious fighter who uses the Tiger Swallow Style. Possibly connected to the Chi You Men 
Elder of the 'Poison Brothers' 
Younger of the 'Poison Brothers' 
The Heavens
Leader of the Heavens 
Young kid who steals the protagonist's bag when he first arrives in Hong Kong 
Loves rap music and always carries his boombox 
Second best fighter in the Heavens. Wears a bandana 
Loves America and is supportive of his companions 
Man Mo Temple
Master of Man Mo Temple. The protagonist travelled to Hong Kong to meet this person 
...her assistant. Sweeps Man Mo Temple 
Monk at Man Mo Temple. Well versed in Chinese and Japanese martial arts 
Hard working apprentice at Man Mo Temple 
Lazy apprentice at Man Mo Temple 
Teachers of the Four Wude
Master of the Guang Martial Arts School. Teaches 'JIE' 
...his former student. Now, a street performer 
Master of Chen-style Tai Chi. Lives in Yan Tin Apartments. Teaches 'YI' 
Practitioner of Chen-style Tai Chi. Found training in Lotus Park. Teaches 'GON' 
Owns a Barber Shop on Three Blades Street. Teaches 'DAN' 
Owner of Five Stars Corp. Sent a letter of warning to the protagonist's father 
...his aide. Kidnapped twice by the Yellow Heads 
Street musician pretending to be blind. Friend of the protagonist's father 
Arm Wrestling Opponents
Mexican villain wrestller. Bet: $10 
Cocky truck driver who has broken 99 arms. Bet: $40 
3rd strongest Mongolian wrestler. Bet: $30. Also competes in street fights 
2nd strongest Mongolian wrestler. Bet: $50. Also competes in street fights 
Strongest Mongolian wrestler. Bet: $60. Also competes in street fights 
Siberian who has travelled to Hong Kong just to fight. Bet: $40 
Strongest arm wrestler. Apparently a dancer. Bet: $60 
Rugby player who arm wrestles when he's not training. Bet: $40 
Ex-soldier from Brazil with a strong sense of honor. Bet: $10 
Sailor who can't go a day without fighting. Bet: $50 
Cocky Arabian fire-breathing street performer. Bet: $30 
Street Fight Opponents
One of Kowloon's three elite street fighters. Specializes in Wrestling 
One of Kowloon's three elite street fighters. Specializes in Pancrantium 
One of Kowloon's three elite street fighters. Specializes in Jeet Kune Do 
'The last wild man on Earth'. Fights at Beverly Hills Wharf 
One-eyed man. Fights at Star Gazing Point 
Master of the 'Iron Thrust' style. Fights at the Former Factory Site 
Master of the 'Iron Head' style. Fights at the Construction Base 
Master of the 'Acrobat' style. Fights in Thousand White Quarter 
Master of the 'Passive Raid' style. Fights at Small Dragon Garden 
Darts Opponents
Young boy found in Fortune's Pier. Bet: $5 
Elderly man found in Worker's Pier. Bet: $10 
Foreign rapper found in Liverpool Bar. Bet: $10 
Baseball fan found in Pine Game Arcade. Bet: $30 
Honourary member of the Hong Kong Darts Association found in Blue Sky Beer Garden. Bet: $50 

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