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What was the first commercially-sold arcade video game?
What was the first home console to be released?
Who is the designer of Pong?
In what year was Pong released in arcades?
Who created a 'Tennis' game on his 'Brown Box' years before the release of Pong?
On its launch in 1977, what was the Atari 2600 known as?
Name one of the launch titles for the Atari 2600.
Which company released Space Invaders in Japan?
What was Atari's first game to use vector graphics?
Who is the creator of Defender?
The US Army ordered a modified version of which Atari game?
Which company developed and released the Intellivision?
What is generally accepted to be the first game to feature a recognizable main character?
Nintendo converted excess cabinets of which game to make Donkey Kong?
David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead left Atari to form which company?
What game is David Crane best known for designing?
What influential 2D racing game did Namco release in 1982?
What was the pack-in game for the ColecoVision?
Who is the creator of Tetris?
What was the name of the Soviet organization that controlled the rights to Tetris?
What was the seminal 2D fighting game released by Data East in 1984?
What was the name of the series of handheld electronic games that Nintendo released in the early 1980s?
In which early adventure game were you 'likely to be eaten by a grue'?
Who is the creator of Ultima?
Which early PC role-playing game spawned the 'Dungeon Crawler' genre?
Which Japanese video game designer created games such as OutRun, Virtua Fighter and Afterburner?
The Nintendo Entertainment System was originally bundled with which two games?
Under which subsidiary company did Atari release games for the NES?
The NES Power Pad was bundled with which game?
What was the first NES cartridge to come with an internal save battery?
Who composed the music to Metroid and Kid Icarus?
What was the first game to feature the Konami Code?
Who is the creator of Dragon Quest?
What was the slogan that Nintendo used during the 1980s?
Who composed the music to the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros?
On its release in 1986, the Sega Master System had which game embedded in its BIOS?
Metal Gear was first released on which console?
Who was the creator of the Nintendo Game Boy?
Name one of the launch titles for the Sega Genesis.
What was the marketing term coined by Sega to promote the Genesis' ability to render high-speed games?
What was the 'Blood Code' for Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis?
What technique did the SNES use to simulate 3D graphics via rotating and scaling textures?
What was the first SNES game to use the Super FX chip?
Who composed the music to Final Fantasy?
Which Sega CD game was the subject of Congressional hearings in 1993?
What was the launch price of the SNK Neo Geo?
What was the first handheld console with a color LCD display?
Name one of the games released for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.
Commodore followed up its popular Commodore 64 with what line of computers in 1985?
David Braben and Ian Bell created which groundbreaking space sim?
Which British company published the Dizzy series of games?
What is the name of the scripting language LucasArts used to create games such as Loom and the Secret of Monkey Island?
Who are the 'Two Johns' who founded id Software in 1991?
Which company developed Populous, Syndicate and Theme Park?
What is the video game trade show that is held annually in the United States?
Released in Japan in 1996, what were the first two versions of Pokemon?
Name one of the launch titles for the Sony Playstation.
What was the first game to require the use of both analogue sticks on the DualShock controller?
What is the best-selling Playstation game?
Which company developed Tomb Raider?
Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar North are based in which city?
Which early Capcom game was the inspiration for Resident Evil?
Name one of the two Nintendo 64 games that cannot be played at all without the N64 Expansion Pak.
Looking Glass Studios developed which influential title in 1998?
Who is the creator of The Sims?
What was the name of the memory cards that the Sega Dreamcast used?
What was the name given to the Playstation 2's CPU?
Which game engine was used to create games such as Burnout, Grand Theft Auto III and Crackdown?
In 1999, a group of ex-Rare employees left to form which company?
There was a promotional limited edition Xbox branded with which soft drink?
Name one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Gamecube.
What is the name of Valve's digital distribution service?
Which two Japanese RPG giants merged in 2003?
In 2004, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi formed which development studio?
Name one of the launch titles for the Microsoft Xbox 360.
What was the code name that Nintendo used for the Wii during its development?
In 2006, Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka left Sega to found which company?
Which game engine was used to create games such as Mass Effect, Gears of War and Lost Odyssey?
EA acquired which two companies in 2007 for around $620 million?
Which two Japanese companies merged in 2008?

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