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Can you name the video games by the enemies and monsters found within them?

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Forced Order
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Borzoi Fighter, Firebird, Hop Bot
Funnythief, Eldermagius, Petrogerell
Horrorwood, Sand Tortoise, Protobeast
Hayokonton, Pillbug, Delowbunny
Poppant, Greap, Shaydas
Bronto Burt, Waddle Dee, Poppy Bros Jr.
Strongarm Censor, Hell Bunny, Confusion Rat
Y Signal, Garcia, Haku-Oh
Stalchild, Wolfos, Dead Hand
Struttin' Evil Mushroom, Handsome Tom, Scalding Coffee Cup
Terrapest, Jhana Fighter, Albic Qsiti
Scrab, Paramite, Slig
Axe Beak, Coffinmaster, Boxing Iris
Ivor Baddic, Daisy Dismay, Booty Guard
Ivy, Licker, Cerberus
Hurlock, Deep Stalker, Shriek
Snowi, Red Wilber, Kelogarita
Verdugo, Novistador, Colmillo
Sniper Drone, Infantry Weevil, Stag Drone
Xivilai, Scamp, Clannfear
Nut Troop, Eye Goo, Tar Man
Bianky Prima, Rosetta, Metal Leo
Bearbug, Fat Minister, Phalangeal
Hobgob, Sand Shark, Lucre Bug
Thresher Maw, Varren, Thorian Creeper
Skeleton Murderer, Demon's Dayfly, Red Arremer King
Cut Rabbit, Target Lady, Doremi Elf
Corpse Captain, Spitting Terror, The Hidden
Spear Guy, Hootie the Blue Fish, Toady
Smoker, Witch, Boomer
Pul-Puck, Ceratobus, Foytow
Belhelmel, Thrustaevis, Jelleye
Dixiefrog, Brit Popguin, Emo Corehog
Nobody, Kyklops, Fetish
Ragtime Mouse, Hedgehog Pie, Gimme Cat
Liberating Idol, Dancing Hand, Contrarian King
Beehive, Snacker, Sir Slush
Sworm, Dezorian, Androcop
Skelerang, Ctulhu, Jack O' Bones
Dino-Rhino, Wiggler, Eerie
Inky, Blinky, Clyde
Jackal, Grunt, Sentinel
Dire Rat, Necrofiend, Vivian
Twitcher, Wheezer, Slasher
Von Kaiser, Great Tiger, Don Flamenco
Bulla, SandClod, Ameblob
Bloatfly, Mirelurk, Yao Guai
Caterkiller, Buzz Bomber, Crabmeat
Master Jacket, Hellpockle, Mask of Prajna
Jura Aevis, Gobbledygook, Bonesnatch
Golem, Slime, Dracky
Roper, Linda, Abobo
Neck Hunter, Birthday Suit, Veiled Dancer
Jungle Fuzzy, Clubba, Amazy Dayzee
Marbin, Wooky, Organo
Wight Knight, Blue Rhapsody, Search Ghost
Beeba, Komodo Pup, Fossicker
Bullbo, Ghoul Rat, Stalhound
Wretch, Kryll, Theron Guard
Darknut, Tektite, Moblin
Balverine, Hobbe, Minion
Rabite, Eggatrice, Chobin Hood
Rathian, Plesioth, Melynx
Snufit, Big Bully, Skeeter
Touch Me, Flapbeat, Ghirofelgo
Robomutt, Pool Shark, Blarg Commander
Met, Crazy Razy, Sniper Joe
Morth, Boko Baba, Magtail
Beheaded Rocketeer, Marsh Hopper, Gnaar
Cacodemon, Lost Soul, Baron of Hell
Ipiria, Bomb King, Demonolith
Super Nerd, Bug Catcher, Cue Ball
Shambler, Vore, Rotfish
Torizo, Zoomer, Skree
Reptite, Nu, Gilded Bellbird
Menial, Steelhead, Slipskull
El Gado, Andore, Bill Bull
Grouder, Zivilyn Bane, Looper
Blade Namahage, Ice Doom Mirror, Earth Nose
Shemum, Reaper, Specknose
Manhack, Headcrab, Strider
Holly Fairy, Bon Bon, Kobold
Air Screamer, Puppet Nurse, Hanged Scratcher
Nekomata, Balrog, Pvt. Prinny
Klaptrap, Necky, Zinger
Swamola, Geldman, Pickit Plant
Stirge, Ichthious, Last Crusader
Houdini Splicer, Rosie, Bouncer
Seasidey, Gobligle, Filifolia
Baron Von Blubba, Beluga, Bubble Buster
Crochax, Trilobite, DomZ Trooper
Blooper, Goomba, Lakitu
Treeback, Bride, Gravedigger
Gallas, SAT Soldier, Ghul
Hunter, Chimera, Plant 42
Red Skeleton, Fish Man, Dragon Skull Cannon
Inchworm, Cactus Man, Gaia Scorpion
Cyclops Enforcer, Magic Legionnaire, Minotaur Tormentor
Protozoid Slimer, Octabrain, Pig Cop
Burrowing Snagret, Fiery Blowhog, Red Bulborb

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