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Kpop GroupsMy BiasHints
BTOBBasically an athlete
AOAUnderrated visual, aoa cream
T-araWas one an MC at The Show with Zhoumi and Hongbin, really pretty, lead on dream high 2
Got7Main actor for Dream High 2
SISTARGlamorous and a rapper
Girls DayGlamorous and a rapper (She has insurance for her legs)
Super JuniorNemo, forever 5 years old, Y
Red VelvetSynonym of happiness, on WGM with Sungjae
TwicePretty, oldest one in the group, the hamster of the group
DBSKThe main dancer
Up10tionCan make himself looks like kim woobin, according to my teen top bias, he sweat through his nose
CNBlueDrum, cute, the heirs, same name as my bias from btob
BoyfriendI really do have a thing for maknaes
Block BIs that true? Yes Okie dokie yo
2PMOne of the lead from Dream High 1, Milky
SHINeeWas once on WGM with Naeun, press your number
After SchoolWas once a temporary running man member
F(x)Soojung, Jessica
InfiniteReply 1997
RainbowAwesome and sweet vocal, one of the fixed guest on sukira
Kpop GroupsMy BiasHints
SNSDWill probably live a long life, maknae
2AMWas on laws of the jungle and we got married
BTSGolden Maknae
Oh My GirlWas on Superstar K2, looks a bit like IU
BAPI absolutely have a thing for maknaes
Big BangHot without trying
MamamooShe's an awesome archer
GfriendGood at singing, dancing, running, falling, being professional, and everything
Day6Brian, Antonym of old space one letter from the alphabet
SeventeenMichael Chanson, maknae
Teen TopFull lips
WinnerSuperstar K2
VIXXHas his own radio show, such sass
LovelyzCan play guitar
BeastTeased as 'babo' by other members, his name start with G
Monsta XExcuse my charisma
The ArkVocally awesome (Basically main vocal)
B1A4I have a thing for maknaes
Miss ANation's first love

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