Environmental History Terms

Can you name the Environmental History Terms?

a newish branch of history that analyses the human relationship with the environment, it seeks to interpret and understand the past
the period since the last retreat of the polar ice sheets from the pleistocene, the last 11,500 years or so
99% of history, subsisted on locally available resources or travelled to find them
the herding of domesticated or partially domesticated animals, emerged around the same time as agriculture
living in one place
cold, dry climate period between 12800 and 11500 years ago, produced by the burst of Lake Aggassiz
pleistocene + holocene
great social advantage of hunter-gatherers
arc of rich farmland in SW Asia, where the Natufians lived
process of the transfer of disease from animals to humans
base of the early agricultural hierarchies, then replaced because of competition for resources by warrior-kings
early warrior king
land between rivers
the buildup of salts in soil
supplying dry land with water by the means of ditches
fields where rice is kept wet and is grown
farming of aquatic oraganisms and plants
people always looking for new technologies
800-1300, period when climate was warmer and good for agricultural productivity
became the focus of agricultural existence, they were self sufficient, local and isolated
critical adaptations during Mediaeval agriculture
way land-holdings were divided
most common drink of the middle ages
the idea that north america was untouched and pure
took his men and pigs on an expedition in the US caused the spread of disease
intense agriculturalists, plains natives
largest american city north of rio grande, 100000 people
1450-1850, a period of much cooler and wetter weather
disease that produces hallucinations, gangrene, loss of limbs etc.
began in 1492 with Columbus' discovery of the new world, it produced a better diet and caused a global population rise
empires of conquest, goal was the extraction of key resources 1500/1600s
trade between europe, africa, north america including slaves, rum, tobacco, etc.
printing on cotton
industrial empires, europeans use tech advances to control large parts of the globe, cash crops grow to include industrial products 1800/1900s
black soil found in much of the amazon
copper mines, tools
mercantile empires, commodity production rivaled bullion, sugar vs. precious metals 1600/1700s
shafts dug for cold freah water in the nuq desert, iran
Crete, invented day off, weathly from bronze
allow magma to rise to th surface

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