Components of Store Model

Can you name the Components of the Store Model of Information Processing?

key informationkey wordsbasic idea
Model that we store information in 3 parts of our mental systemfocuses on general units
First part of the mental system, registers information from our senses, information is represented directly and stored brieflyfirst, sights and sounds, very temporary
Second part of the mental system, works with information to place it in our memory for a short whilerequires mental strategies, connects information into groups,
Third part of the mental system, information is placed in our memory for a long timealso known as metacognition, permanent, in charge of direction of information, combines with existing information already in the memory
Strategies that operate and transform information, increasing the chances that it will be retained in our mental storage system helps stored information to be retained and used efficiently; helps memory to be flexible and adapt info to changing circumstances
Central manager of complex activities, executively directs flow of informationworks with the working memory, also known as meta
With the working memory, the more thoroughly information is learned, the more automatically the mental processing system uses itmeans we can focus on additional information at the same time
Process of retrieving information back from the systemcan be hard due to all the information we hold in our brain
Studying a book, taking notes, creating an organizer, and categorizing information are each a type ofothers might include acronyms, creating actions, and relating information to personal experiences are also examples of a
For easier retrieval of information, our long-term memory stores our information this wayfollows same path of associations used to store the information
True or False? There are four parts to the store model: short-term memory, long-term memory, sensory register, and working memory.True or False?
True or False? The store model is based on the way computers work.True or False?

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