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Role in the seriesCharacter nameSeasons appeared in
Main CharacterMain Character (seasons 1-11)
Psychyatrist brotherMain Character (seasons 1-11)
Eccentric physical therapistMain Character (seasons 1-11)
FatherMain Character (seasons 1-11)
Single radio producerMain Character (seasons 1-11)
DogMain Character (seasons 1-11)
SportscasterRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Food CriticRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Station Manager Recurring (seasons 6-11)
AgentRecurring (season 3)
Never seenAll seasons (never seen)
Star Trek fanRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Snobby co-worker (Season 10)Recurring (season 10) guest appearences (season 11)
Ex-wife, seen on CheersRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Son of main characterRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Former Station ManagerRecurring (seasons 1-11)
Father's ex- girlfriendRecurring (seasons 4 and 5)
Brother's girlfriend (season 7) Recurring (seasons 7 and 8)
Father's second wifeRecurring (season 11)
Father's first wifeGuest appearence in seasons 7 and 9
Brother's and ex-wife's Japanese gardenerNever seen
Brother's and ex-wife's elderly housekeeperRecurring (seasons 2-5)
Seen on Cheers and in season 2Guest appearence (season 2)
Seen on Cheers and in season 3Guest appearence (season 3)
Seen on Cheers and in season 6Guest appearence (season 6)
Role in the seriesCharacter nameSeasons appeared in
Mobster hired by brotherGuest appearence (season 3)
Ex-fiance of physical therapistRecurring (seasons 6, 7, and 8) Guest appearence (season 10)
Went to high school with main characterRecurring (seasons 7, 8, and 9)
Son of girlfriend, was tutored by main characterRecurring (seasons 8 and 9)
Ex-husband of woman main character went to high school withGuest (season 9)
Daughter of ProducerRecurring (seasons 5-11)
Main character's final love intrest, matchmakerRecurring (season 11)
Brother's and Physical Therapist's son Breifly (Last Episode)
Traffic reporter, usually yellsSeason 1
Physical Therapist's MotherGuest Star (season 7) Recurring (seasons 9-10)
Physical Therapist's FatherGuest Star (season 9)
Physical Therapist's BrotherRecurring (seasons 7, 8, 9, 11)
Physical Therapist's second brotherGuest (Season 11)
Physical Therapist's favorite brother Guest (season 11)
Physical Therapist's third brotherGuest (season 11)
Physical Therapist's grandmotherNever seen
Main character's upstairs neighbor, constantly fights with main characterRecurring (season 9)
Newspaper columnist, hates main characterMentioned, never seen (season 1)
Greek relative of the main characters, rumored to strangle knatsis with her jumpropeGuest (season 5)
Main character's Greek uncleGuest (season 5)
Main character's Greek cousinGuest (season 5)
Main character's children's performing ex-wifeGuest (season 9 and season 11)
Owner of father's favorite bar, father's friendGuest (season 2)
Annoying radio station internRecurring (season 7)

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