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Southern Tip of Africa, first explored by Portuguese
Explorer sponsered by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain
Countries that tried spreading their Christianity through trade/ exploration
Goods made in the home country and distributed everywhere
Spanish captain who settled in Mesoamerica
Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas
What was China’s position in European Trade routes by the early 15th century
How did rulers in the colonies ensure their subject’s loyalty
Countries that came to the Americas later
North American products
Dutch colony established on cape of good hope
The drive of European settlers in the Americas
What percent of the population of the English colonies in the 18th century was of African origin
Dutch Settlers in in Cape Colony
The Seven Years War was fought between
Huge product in the colonies
What was the relationship between the core nations?
Due to the development of the world economy, unfree labor systems to supply goods for world trade became more ________ than ever before.

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