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“tops coming off” “They're coming in to shoot the cover of Downward Dog Magazine” “I’m a pterodactyl. Caawwww”
“I got German Potato Soup”
okra/short hair bandana guy/calls guy below a softie even though he is using bands when the guy below is using heavy weights.
didn't let his EGO get in the way of his results/hates the guy above for calling him soft/hosts best buddy/split pea soup
'I'm stirring up trouble.”
they call her Blam
'There's no such thing as a sanity clause...'/Dumb ballistic stretcher/flies through the air with the greatest of ease
Frog boy
Mr. Flex and Stretch/chubby guy who helped create kenpo video
Claw hammer man
He’s a hotshot/absolutely ripped/dancer
come on _____!!!!! Don’t touch my hands!/engaged to redhead girl
has to “get her but in the air!!!” /legs start shaking uncontrollably during mason twists.
prosthetic leg
attorney/hosts twin
least flexible in yoga X/looks like he is going to pass out
she makes Gumby look like the tin man/very flexible
long hair bandana guy
redhead girl in kenpo video/ “woohoo, my favorite!”
Asian guy/bike rider/substitute teacher
brought her daughter/ invites people on hikes according to host
ex-marine/complains about sweating too much and his arms burning before the workout even starts/looks like he is going to bite his lip off/chicken noodle soup
“Bring the Pain”/“oh my God, those are hard”/tomato soup/whines all the time

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