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Can you name the [adult swim] Toonami Shows (2012–present)?

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Four bounty hunters with different backgrounds
Humans using mechas to protect the Earth
Humanlike alien and his friends on their adventures
An amnesiac android who caused a worldwide ruin
Cyborg with an organic brain
A flood causes a war between man and fish
Anime retelling of a classic Japanese movie
Teenager resurrects as a detective
Tween boy controls robot
A crew of five pilot a talking spaceship
Teen with blood control accused for mass murder
Teenaged ninja with demon powers
Mega Man before Mega Man existed
Two brothers with supernatural powers
Japanese task force who prevent terrorist attacks
Three humanlike aliens who pose as teenagers
Teenaged boy plunged in the middle of love and war
Teenager gains reaper like powers
Japanese teenager and his misadventures with women
Kingdom overthrown by a wizard's army
Teenaged girl collects jewelry in the past
Detective using his mecha to solve crimes
Teenaged officer with abysmal luck
An outlaw vs. his bounty hunters

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