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Can you name the countries by their lowest point?

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Orange and Makhaleng Rivers1,400 m (4,593 ft)
Ruzizi River950 m (3,117 ft)
Gran Valira840 m (2,756 ft)
Lake Tanganyika772 m (2,533 ft)
Albert Nile621 m (2,037 ft)
Hoh Nuur518 m (1,699 ft)
Limpopo and Shashe Rivers513 m (1,683 ft)
Kara Darya435 m (1,427 ft)
Rhine430 m (1,411 ft)
Debed400 m (1,312 ft)
White Nile400 m (1,312 ft)
Ubangi River335 m (1,099 ft)
Zambezi329 m (1,079 ft)
Syr Darya300 m (984 ft)
Amu Darya258 m (846 ft)
Niger River200 m (656 ft)
Black Volta200 m (656 ft)
Lake Maggiore195 m (640 ft)
Runde and Save Rivers162 m (531 ft)
Bodélé Depression160 m (525 ft)
Moselle River133 m (436 ft)
Banks of the Labe or Elbe river near Hřensko115 m (377 ft)
Apetlon114 m (374 ft)
Drangme Chhu97 m (318 ft)
Bodrog94 m (308 ft)
Río Paraguay90 m (295 ft)
Neman River90 m (295 ft)
Banks of White Drin80 m (262 ft)
Tisza76 m (249 ft)
Mekong70 m (230 ft)
Kanchan Kalan70 m (230 ft)
Ausa River55 m (180 ft)
Vardar50 m (164 ft)
Río Paraguay46 m (151 ft)
Shire River37 m (121 ft)
St. Peter's Square33 m (108 ft)
Iron Gates (Danube)28 m (92 ft)
Senegal River23 m (75 ft)
Maputo River21 m (69 ft)
Dniester2 m (7 ft)
Lagos Island−0.2 m (−0.7 ft)
Habay, Bacoor−0.5 m (−1.6 ft)
Nemunas delta−1.3 m (−4.3 ft)
Żuławy Wiślane−1.8 m (−5.9 ft)
Camargue−2 m (−6.6 ft)
Taieri Plains−2 m (−6.6 ft)
Kuttanad−2.2 m (−7.2 ft)
Kristianstad−2.4 m (−7.9 ft)
Le Contane, Jolanda di Savoia−3.2 m (−10.5 ft)
Neuendorf bei Wilster−3.5 m (−11.5 ft)
Hachiro-gata−4 m (−13 ft)
The Fens−4 m (−13 ft)
Sebkhet Te-n-Dghamcha−5 m (−16 ft)
Kuyalnik Estuary−5 m (−16 ft)
Lammefjord−7 m (−23 ft)
Zuidplaspolder−7 m (−23 ft)
Laguna Salada−10 m (−33 ft)
Sariqarnish Kuli−12 m (−39 ft)
Lake Eyre−15 m (−49 ft)
Shatt al Gharsah−17 m (−56 ft)
Caspian Sea−28 m (−92 ft)
Sechura Depression−34 m (−112 ft)
Chott Melrhir−40 m (−131 ft)
Lago Enriquillo−46 m (−151 ft)
Sabkhat Ghuzayyil−47 m (−154 ft)
Sebkha paki Tah−55 m (−180 ft)
Afar Depression near Lake Kulul−75 m (−246 ft)
Vpadina Akchanaya−81 m (−266 ft)
Badwater Basin−85.5 m (−280.5 ft)
Laguna del Carbón−105 m (−344 ft)
Afar Depression−125 m (−410 ft)
Karagiye−132 m (−433 ft)
Qattara Depression−133 m (−436 ft)
Aydingkol Lake−154 m (−505 ft)
Lac Assal−155 m (−509 ft)
Near the Sea of Galilee−214 m (−702 ft)
Dead Sea−418 m (−1,371 ft)

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