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Forced Order
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Werewolf, Luke's third in command
Isabelle's gay brother
lesbian, Sebastian's cousin
Luke's sister, Stephen's first wife
Circle member, brother of Emil
Magnus's unwilling footman
Greater Demon, Prince and Lieutenant of Hell
Werewolf, Maia's ex.
Silent Brother (begins with e)
Silent Brother (begins with j)
Silent Brother (begins with z)
Vampire Baroness, ex of Magnus
Warlock, Works at Beth Israel Hospital
Was on the run from the Clave, killed by Camille
Daughter of Jocelyn, loves Jace
Dead brother of Maia
Young Warlock, hired to summon the Greater Demon of Fear
Mistook Simon for hi friend Zeke in rat form
Aunt of Sebastian
Brother of Anson
Lived her entire life in the L.A. Institute
Simon's best friend, band's drummer
Killed by Luke for pack leadership
Good friend of Maia, killed by a vampire
Went missing at Magnus Bane's part, probably due to too many Bloody Marys
Luke's second in command, killed by Forsaken
Clave member, lesbian relationship with Aline
Circle member, exiled in the Institute
Inquisitor that hates both Jace and Valentine
Inquisitor in City of Glass that took Imogen's place after her death
Sister of Alec and Max
Angel of Sacrifice
Supposed son of Valentine, loves Clary
Youngest Circle member, survived the Uprising
Wife of Patrick, Mother of Aline
Mother if Clary
Son of Valentine and Jocelyn
Killed by Valentine to make it seem as if Valentine's son.were dead after the Uprising
Boyfriend of Maia and described as Clary by 'hot like whoa '
Lived entire life with Emma Carstairs, his parabatai
Member of Conclave, brother of Malik
Maidservant of Seelie Queen, Waitress at Taki's
Greater Demon and major antagonist of the series
blue-dyed hair Asian vampire, third in command
Werewolf 'Uncle' of Clary
Lived in the apartment below Clary
friend of Jocelyn when they were both at school in Alicante
Warlock, had gay relationship with Alec
Werewolf girl who was upset with Simon in City of Ashes
Was the Consul for almost two years before his death
Aimed knife at the wheel of Luke's truck while Luke, Jace, and Clary were fleeing from the Institute
Mother of Isabelle, Alec, and Max
Became leader of the New York Vampire Clan after killing Camille
Youngest Brother of Isabelle and Alec
Faerie knight, had a relationship wit Isabelle
Ran the Mumbai Institute in India
Briefly mentioned in City of List Souls, visiting the Institute with her siblings, who were said to be eating wax.
Husband of Jia and Father to Aline
Warlock who helped Jocelyn with her problem with Valentine
Vampire who cause Simon suspicion of becoming a vampire
Angel best known for reating Shadowhunters
Mundane sister of Simon
Father to the Lightwood children
Posed as Michael Wahland, killed in Renwick's by Luke
Has been running the Institute of Paris since parent's death, killed by J.C. Morgenstern
Made Jace and Clary kiss to earn back Clary's freedom.
Runs the Lisbon Institute alongside his wife
Runs the Lisbon Institute alongside her husband
Mother of Valentine
Clary's best friends, turned into a vampire
Iron Sister (c)
Iron Sister (d)
Iron Sister (m)
American warlock
Main antagonist of.the series, husband of Jocelyn
Had a tendency to turn into a rat after too many Bloody Marys

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