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What is the first activity Aang asks Katara to do with him?101 - The Boy in the Iceberg
According to Katara, what did Aang bring to the village that's been missing for years?101 - The Boy in the Iceberg
What weapon of Sokka's actually succeeds in striking Zuko when he invades the village?102 - The Avatar Returns
Sokka: 'I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn't ask for all this flying, and ___!'102 - The Avatar Returns
Who's remains does Aang find at the Temple that force him into the Avatar State?103 - The Southern Air Temple
When Zhao insults Zuko, what challenge does Zuko present to Zhao?103 - The Southern Air Temple
What giant sea-monster lives in the waters around Kyoshi Island?104 - The Warriors of Kyoshi
Who is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors that teaches Sokka how to fight?104 - The Warriors of Kyoshi
What does Sokka suggest that the King of Omashu's name is?105 - The King of Omashu
Bumi: 'Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you've got to open your brain to the ___!'105 - The King of Omashu
When Katara tries to get herself arrested, at first, the Fire Nation soldiers think who is earthbending?106 - Imprisoned
What do the gang bring to the imprisoned earthbenders to bend?106 - Imprisoned
Who is the spirit of the forest?107 - The Spirit World: Winter Solstice Part 1
What does Aang realize he is unable to do in the Spirit World?107 - The Spirit World: Winter Solstice Part 1
What kind of animal is Avatar Roku's guide?108 - Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice Part 2
Aang must master all four elements by summer's end because of what approaching threat?108 - Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice Part 2
What is the term the Pirates use in place of 'stealing?'109 - The Waterbending Scroll
Iroh needed to go to the market to replace what lost personal item?109 - The Waterbending Scroll
Where is Jet's hide-out located?110 - Jet
What did Jet and his gang blow up to destroy the town?110 - Jet
What are you not allowed to have to enter the canyon?111 - The Great Divide
What were the names of the two people from the tribes' stories?111 - The Great Divide
What did Aang do when he found out he was going to be sent to the Eastern Air Temple?112 - The Storm
Fire Lord Ozai: 'You will learn respect. And ___ will be your teacher!'112 - The Storm
Who is the Blue Spirit?113 - The Blue Spirit
What does Aang bring to Katara and Sokka to cure their illness?113 - The Blue Spirit
When the gang meet a traveler in the woods, what does he give them?114 - The Fortuneteller
Aunt Wu tells Katara that the man she will marry will be a ___ ___.114 - The Fortuneteller
What is the name of the Bounty Hunter Zuko hires to track Aang?115 - Bato of the Water Tribe
Bato takes the gang to participate in a Watertribe tradition called what?115 - Bato of the Water Tribe
Katara discovers she has what Waterbending power?116 - The Deserter
What did Zhao unintentionally burn down because of his lack of self-control?116 - The Deserter
What smell did Sokka and the Mechanist mix with the gas?117 - The Northern Air Temple
What weapon did the Fire Nation aquire upon their defeat at the Northern Air Temple?117 - The Northern Air Temple
Why won't Master Pakku teach Katara Waterbending?118 - The Waterbending Master
Who does Zhao hire to kill Zuko?118 - The Waterbending Master
Yue tells Aang and Katara that according to legend, who was the first Waterbender?119 - The Siege of the North (Part I)
Iroh: 'Be careful what you ___ ___, Admiral. History is not always kind to its subjects.'119 - The Siege of the North (Part I)
If you show any emotion around the ancient spirit named Koh, what will he do?120 - The Siege of the North (Part II)
Zhao: 'We'll be following this map to a very special location. And when we get there, we're ___ ___!'120 - The Siege of the North (Part II)

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