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Who's the street kid who befriends Willy?
Who adopts Jesse? (male)
Who adopts Jesse? (female)
Who's the trainer at the aquarium?
Who's the Native American guy who works at the aquarium?
Who owns Willy?
Who's Willy's owner's partner?
Who's Jesse's 'supervisor' who places him in a foster home?
Who's Jesse's friend who vandalizes the aquarium with him?
What kind of fish does Willy love the most?
What instrument does Jesse play?
What kind of whale is Willy?
Who says multiple times, 'God, I hate that whale?'
Jesse makes Willy a toy. What is it made out of?
What present does Ray give Jessie before the show?
When Willy didn't make his owners money, what did they do?
How much money was Willy worth?
What did Jesse tell Willy to do so he can be free?
Where did the group take Willy on the way to the marina to keep him wet?
Where does Glenn work?

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