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Forced Order
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That’s not what I meant. I already know how strong you are. You didn’t have to break the furniture.
If we could bottle your luck, we’d have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands.
I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around.
Esme’s made do with us as substitutes… and Alice doesn’t remember anything human so she can't miss it… You will remember, though. It’s a lot to give up.
The way you move – you orient yourself around him without even thinking about it. When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust you position at the same time.
You truly are one frightening little monster.
I can't imagine how awful that must feel. Being normal? Ugh.
You gave me two alternatives that you could live with, and I chose the one that I could live with. That’s how compromise is supposed to work.
Not even you would blame him for leaving, if you knew the reason why.
The same principle applies – the only difference is that this is the one area in which I’m just as spotless as you are. Can't I leave one rule unbroken?
I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything – I’m honestly curious.
How much do you love me, Bella?
It was difficult not to be charmed by the Cullens – once one gave them the chance to be charming.
Quite a pity how things turned out, isn’t it?
It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does.
You’re quite adorable when you're jealous. It’s surprisingly enjoyable.
Victoria was no inexperienced, instinct-driven newborn. She was lethal. Even I could tell the difference between her and Riley.
And I should feel sorry that you're not sorry, but I don’t.
I want to love you and make you happy. And I can't, and it’s killing me. It’s like Sam and Emily, Jake – I never had a choice.
But at first it sort of felt like being drafted into a war you didn’t know existed. There was no choice, you know? And it was so final.
Did you see the size of that Jacob kid? I think he could take Cullen down.
Perrine Bruyere has a waiting list, you know. Fabric masterpieces don’t happen overnight. If I hadn’t thought ahead, you’d be wearing something off the rack!
I still think it’s unnecessary. If we’re not going to get carried away, what’s the point?
But it did matter that she was giving up everything – that she was letting her heart stop and her skin ice over and her mind twist into some crystallized predator’s head.
There are no options for those who break the rules.
Sorry. I don’t have any leeches on my speed dial.
That should have been our first kiss. Better late than never.
You can afford the time to be patient. Bella should understand this, too. She’s one of us now.
I don’t care, either. I knew you’d forgive me, and I’m glad I did it. I’d do it again. At least I have that much. At least I made you see that you do love me.
This hostage stuff is fun.
Possibly… But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the best nights of my life. Dream about that.
Burden! … I think it’s cool.
What’s it like? Losing her? When you thought that you’d lost her forever? How did you… cope?
Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn’t have a happy ending – but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now.
Fall down again, Bella?
You are in trouble. Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.
Yeah – in between insulting somebody’s mother and taking the Lord’s name in vain, he said, ‘Bet you're glad she loves Cullen instead of me today, huh?’
The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse.
You’ve experienced the way I can manipulate the emotions around myself, Bella, but I wonder if you realize how the feelings in a room affect me.
Was it out there for Jacob, too? Something that would trump a soul mate? I had to believe that it was.
I didn’t realize there was anything else you wanted besides being transformed into a monster yourself. I’m extremely curious.
You wanted to know what happened to Sam to make him hate the vampires for changing him, to make him hate himself. And that’s what happened. He broke Leah’s heart.
That’s in your hands. As long as she was willing to halt her attack on us, I saw no need to destroy her. She was never taught.
Bella. Not one of us had a choice. You’ve seen what it’s done… to Rosalie especially.
Do me a favor and challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. It would be a good experience for him.
I’m trying to make you happy, too, Bella. It’s just that I know better what will make you happy… in the long run. You’ll thank me for this.
Can't you see that I’d trade everything I have to be you? You have the choice that I didn’t have, and you're choosing wrong!
I’m in love with you, Bella. Bella, I love you. And I want you to pick me instead of him.
I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was suddenly terrified of getting it.
Yes, I like it. You have no idea.

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