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Can you name the missing words in these Dane Cook lines from his album 'Retaliation'?

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Line/QuoteMissing Word(s)Number of Words
I finally got to see something I've always wanted to witness live. I finally saw someone get ___ ___ ___ ___.4
That's all I could think of to say. There's so many things now, in retrostpect... I'd loved to have been like, YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET ___ ___ ___ ___!4
Has anyone seen my shoes? I kicked them off in a ___ ___ ___.3
When you see someone walking down the street in a Superman T-shirt, you just want to shoot them in the chest. And when they start to bleed, go, ___ ___ ___.3
Garunteed at some point somebody's gonna walk out of that room and go, someone ___ ___ ___ ___!4
What? I hope it wasn't on ___ ___, and then, boom, you're a phantom. Disappear.2
What if when the hatches finally open, out of the UFO's come thousands of 100 foot ___ ___ ___. 3
Hellllooooo??? I'm a caaarrrrr! Gas-o-line makes me run. Back seat... ___ ___...2
For example, any guy here, more than sex, if they had a choice between sex and this one other thing, any guy here would rather be part of a ___.1
And then theres something else we want even more than the (above answer), even more than sex, any guy here would love to have a ___.1
What does B.A.M.F. stand for?4
I don't want something that ppl already have, so this is what I went out and got, and it's workin out awesome. I've been driving around a ___ ___.2
Sour Apple sucks. If you believe Sour Apple is good, you meet me in the lobby after the show. I'll be the guy ___ ___.2
Line/QuoteMissing Word(s)Number of Words
Right off the bat, I have to say, what is it about the Walgreens, the second you walk in there, you just wanna ___.1
He had to let me know how angry he was, and I don't know why he went with this first, the first thing he just grabbed out of his brain, he went, ___, ___!2
I don't think that was necessary, because he immediately came back with 'hahaha' ___ ___ ___ ___!!4
That's great, this is a great vibe in here right now. It's like Daddy just hit Mommy at the dinner table and we're all trying to ___, still...1
Also there was a tiny ___ in your exhaust, and he was jumping, and poking holes in your exhaust, and he was sh!tting in your filters, as well. So we had to get that out of there...1
And you always have a miniature ___ ___ in your body when there's no ketchup.2
So I go up to the guy, and he's helping another woman, and I just want to remind you who the guy is. He's a fkn ___! But I don't know why...1
He calls me 'pal.' And lemme tell ya something. When somebody calls you 'pal' and you're not pals, ___ ___! You know what I mean, too!2
It was the way he said the word 'pal.' To you, sounds like 'pal.' To me, sounds like '___ ___.'2
And ughh, even the woman he was helping, she even shot me a look, she even knew that I was just ___. She looked at me and she actually went '___.' A 63 year old woman said, '___!'1
He hit me with it with such a blow, that I actually stumbled back. I tripped over a tiny ___ ___ playing with a plastic toy.2
I'm putting an end to it. And I hit him with something you can't come back from. I stood my ground and I just finally said after a good breath, I went, no problem... ___!1

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