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DefinitionVocab Word
Teacher and Children work together to compose written material using the 'shared pen' technique to involve students in the actual writing/
Methods used to recognize words that are not known as sight words.
Correct or standardized spelling
A word that is immediately recognized.
Reading Levels
Teacher and children work together to compose written material; teacher writes what students share orally (LEA is an example)
A combination of consonant letters that are blended to make a sound (br, bl, pl, scr, str)
The process of incorporating new ideas to make them a part of one's present knowledge, of the learner's behavior.
Teacher guides the process of writing while students write.
Teacher reads carefully selected literature aloud to the whole class/small groups
Smallest meaningful units of language ( c a t )
A graphic symbol that can represent a sound, phoneme, or word
AN orthographic symbol that represents one or more words of a language ( # = number ; 2 = two)
The practice of limiting the number of new words introduced in successive pages or lessons in basal reading texts.
An item of information around an unknown word that is used to determine the meaning and/or pronunciation of the word
Two adjacent vowels that each contribute to a sound (ou in scout, ow in owl, oi in oil, oy in boy)
Typically words that sound the same but differ in meaning and may differ in spelling (bear = an animal, bear = to support, bare = exposed)
Teacher works with small groups who have similar reading abilities/needs
A collection of complete works or extracts of works by various authors
Children erad on their own or with partners
Written or printed letter/symbol used to represent a speech sound or phoneme ('a''h''g')
The ability to hear likenesses and differences in the sounds of phonemes and words.
Words with different meanings.
The use of a graded series of passages of increasing difficulty to make an informal diagnosis of one or more levels of reading performance.
A group of words sharing a common phonic element ( /it/ as in fit, sit, bit ) or a group of words sharing the same root or base (jump, jumps, jumped, jumping).
Words with similar meanings.
A word that appears many more times than others in reading material; usually does not carry meaning (in, of, the)
Smallest unit of sound ( /t/ /b/ )
An approach to elarning to read in which the students' or group's own words or oral compositions are written down and used as materials of instruction for read/write/spell/speak
A combination of consonant letters representing a single speech sound (sh, wh, the, ch) (gn = /n/ in gnat; gh = /f/ in rough)
Children write their own pieces.
Teaching reading/word identification by emphasizing that letters and letter combinations represent sounds
A synthetic method of teaching, reading, and spelling; first identify letters by their names, next spell out syllables, then words, then short sentences, finally stories
Teacher involves children in reading together using enlarged text.
A view of reading that comprehension consists of the accurate, sequential processing of text; (comprehension is text-driven; it is built up and governed by the text only...)

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