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Forced Order
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What are the second years supposed to choose during the easter holidays?
Who physically opens the Chamber of Secrets?
Who does Snape choose to be Harry's duelling partner?
Which member of the Ministry of Magic writes to Harry after Dobby drops the pudding on Mrs Mason's head?
What colour are Mr Weasley's work robes?F
How many OWLs does Percy get?
Before Hagrid is taken from Hogwarts, what hint does he give Ron and Harry?
Who did Myrtle go back to Hogwarts to haunt?
A statue of which Hogwarts founder stands in the Chamber of Secrets?
Dobby's eyes are the same size as what?
Floo Powder turns flames what colour?
What colour is Harry's hair?
Which of the Dursley's have magical blood?
In March, what do several of the Mandrakes to that makes Professor Sprout very happy?
How many beds are in Harry's dormitory?
What is the name for someone born into a magical family with no magical powers?
Name the illumination spell that Harry and Ron use in the forbidden forest
What is the title of Lockhart's autobiography
Who does Lockhart choose to help re-enact the dramtic bits from his books?
Which house won the Hogwarts house championship in Harry's first year?
In what year did Nearly Headless Nick die?
Who turned Ron's teddy bear into a spider when Ron was 3?
After drinking polyjuice potion, what colour do Hermione's eyes become?
What kind of noise do the giant spiders make?
Underage wizards are not allowed to use what out of school?
Who is the first teacher Harry and Ron meet after escaping the whomping willow?
What creature does Hagrid suspect has killed several roosters at Hogwarts?
What colour is the Hogwarts express?
From what kind of egg does the Basilisk hatch?
What is the name of the popular singing sorceress as announced on the radio in the Weasley's kitchen?
How many ghost horses are in the headless hunt?
In the recipe for Polyjuice potion, how long do lacewing flies have to be stewed for?
What does Mr Weasley call 'escalators'?
What incantation does Draco use to conjour a snake?
What does 'Rictumsempra' do?
What is the name of the Weasley's house?
What does professor Sprout require the students to prune during herbology class?
What does Mrs Weasley send to Ron on the first morning of the new term?
Who is Mosag?

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