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Trivia About Books And MoviesAnswerHarry Potter
What Class Does SLughorn Teach?A Class Lily Evans' Majored In.
In The Cursed Child When Albus And Scorpius Change Time Who Does Ron Marry? A Former Gryffindor
Which Animal Rescues Sirius Black?A Hippogriff.
In What Year Did Sirius Black DIE?The Year Umbitch Arrives.
What Is James' Middle Name?[Harry's dad]Begins With 'F'
Who's House Does The Trio Go To In Hogsmeade?Albus' Brother.
What Does A Philosophers Stone Give You?Helps You Live.
Who Does Percy Marry?Begins With 'A'
Trivia About Books And MoviesAnswerHarry Potter
What Is The Diadem Destroyed By?Somethign To Do With Fire.
When Hagrid Bursts Into The Dursley's House What Object Does Vernon Pick Up?A Type Of Gun.
What Is Lilys Middle Name?[Harry's Daughter]One Of Harrys Old Friends
Why Does Narcissa Malfoy Lie To Voldemort?Something Involving Draco.
What Is Draco's Wife's Name?Initials A.G
Why Does Voldemort Kill Severus Snape?To Achieve Something Powerful.
What Is Fleur Delacour's Sister's Name?Initials G.D
Which Daily Prophet Reporter Is A Animagus?Blonde hair, Glasses.

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