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Can you name the Jet aircraft of World War II?

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CountryAircraftFirst flown
Germany1942 (First operational jet fighter)
USA1944 (First USAF jet fighter - didn't enter service by the end of WW2)
Germany1944 (Manned version of the V-1 flying bomb - never used)
Germany1943 (First jet bomber)
UK1943 (First operational Allied jet)
UK1943 (Produced postwar)
Germany1944 (Fastest WW2 jet)
USA1942 (Fist USAF jet to fly - production canceled)
USA1944 (Power by jet and piston engine - never saw combat)
USA1945 (Postwar production)
Japan1944 (Kamikaze thermojet - never used)
Soviet Union1945 (Mixed power thermojet fighter)
CountryAircraftFirst flown
Germany1940 (First jet to fly - production cancelled)
Germany1944 (Pulse jet - production cancelled)
Germany1944 (Flying wing - prototype only)
Germany1939 (Experimetal prototype)
Italy1940 (Italian thermojet)
UK1941 (First Allied jet to fly - prototype only)
USA1944 (Mixed power torpedo bomber - production cancelled)
USA1945 (Cancelled long-range escort fighter)
USA1945 (Cancelled mixed power fighter)
Japan1945 (Similar but smaler than Me 262 - prototype only)
Germany1944 (Testbed for multi-engine bomber design)
Soviet Union1945 (Cancelled mixed power thermojet fighter)

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