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QUIZ: Can you name the Movies By Sidekicks?

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Wilbur & Lewis
Boog & Elliott
Kenai & Koda
Rodney & Manivela
Prenda & Pongo
Timão & Pumba
Yzma & Kronk
Barry & Vanessa
Jaq & Tatá
Fauna, Flora & Primavera
Reed, Sue, Johnny & Ben
Ariel & Linguado
Comet, Ham III, Luna & Titan
Kida & Milo
Manny, Diego, Sid & Ellie
Kovu & Kiara
Mufasa & Simba
Jafar & Iago
Remy & Emile
Burro & Fiona
Rodney & Rita
Cadú & João Frango
Fígaro & Cléo
Joca & Fiel
Banzé & Angel
Soluço & Fúria da Noite
Victor, Laverne & Hugo
Stanley & Charlie

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