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CharactersAnimated Films
Soluço & Fúria da Noite
Gato de Botas & Burro
Carl & Russell
Linguini & Colette
João Frango & Tank Evans
Prenda & Pongo
Baguera & Balu
Denahi & Sitka
Adam & Vanessa
Flor & Tambor
Cléo & Fígaro
Abu & Iago
Fauna & Flora
Lumière & Gaston
Dunga & Zangado
Guido & Luigi
Metroman & Titan
Blu & Jade
Comet & Ham III
Nani & David
Violeta & Flecha
Bruce & Crush
Scrat & Sid
Heather & Stella
Agônia & Pânico
CharactersAnimated Films
Shi Fu & Tai Lung
Boog & Elliott
Eve & Alvo
Z & Bala
Sykes & Lenny
Capitão & Rico
Insectóide & Elo Perdido
Manivela & Don Aço
Rodney & Rita
Rocky & Ginger
MIguel & Túlio
Moisés & Ramsés
Rex & Slinky
Jessie & Bala no Alvo
Lotso & Ken
Francis & Chucrute
Célia & Ross
Jaq & Tatá
Banzai & Shenzi
Flit & Meeko
Gri Li & Mushu
Terk & Jane
Iar & Zini
Yzma & Kronk
Febo & Frollo

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