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Can you name the characters of USA's White Collar?

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character descriptioncharacter nameactor/actress
A suave, infamous forger and thief turned FBI Consultant
An FBI agent in the white collar crime unit and the only person ever to catch his new consultant (twice)
A quirky con-man who is a friend and confidante of the thief/consultant
An event planner and the FBI agent's very understanding wife
The thief/consultant's girlfriend who was killed in an explosion
A fellow FBI agent who is often stuck babysitting the thief/consultant
A friend of the thief/consultant who works as a black market fence
character descriptioncharacter nameactor/actress
A junior FBI agent who served briefly on the team (season 1)
Another FBI agent who provided covert help from Washington D.C. and was then reassigned to the team (season 2)
A widow who offers her guest room to the thief/consultant
An agent from the Office of Professional Responsibility thought to be working against the team
The FBI agent in charge of the Manhattan White Collar Crime Unit
An insurance investigator who is determined to send the thief consultant back to prison over a stolen Raphael
The item that the thief/consultant supposedly stole (but didn't) that everyone is desperate to lay their hands on

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