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What did Fred and George change the wording on Percy's badge to?
Who was petrified through Nearly Headless Nick?
How is Krum's first name spelled?
Which DADA professor was hired because no one else wanted the job. People were beginning to think it was cursed.
Who gives Harry Potter gillyweed for the second event in the Triwizard Tournament?
Which two species make up Crookshanks' DNA?
Where does Harry tell Arthur Weasley to go snooping after he overhears a conversation in Borgin and Burke's shop?
What object was originally meant to be the horcrux which would become Nagini?
Did Umbridge succeed in firing Trelawney from the Divination position?
Who's shorter, Ron or Fred?
Who was in charge of jinxing the sneak?
What is the disease which causes purple blisters and general ugliness which 'Ron' comes down with at the beginning of Book 7?
What day of the year did Harry's parents perish?
Why does Marvolo hate Merope?
What incorrectly performed spell caused Mrs. Weasley to see variations of her dead loved ones?
What gave Harry away as the real Harry during the fight in the sky in Book 7?
What object is the quidditch snitch compared to regarding size?
For whom does Tom Riddle work post-Hogwarts graduation?
How much do apparation lessons cost?
What quidditch position does Montague play, and for what house? (Hint: format answer 'POSITION NAME for HOUSE NAME')
What was found, shattered, at the bottom of Harry's suitcase at the beginning of Book 7?
What type of quidditch brooms do Fred and George have in Book 2?
How does Harry refer to the portkey at the beginning of Book 4?
Who divulged information about Dumbledore's Army to Umbridge?
Who captures Harry, Ron, and Hermione and takes them to Malfoy Manor?
Who arranged the events so Harry would think Sirius was at the Department of Mysteries?
Who told Harry, 'Bathilda Bagshot still lives in Godric's Hollow'?
What muggle object did Ron misuse in order to attempt to get in touch with Harry?
What is Ron's favorite quidditch team as of Book 2?
What size pewter cauldron is required of all first year Hogwarts students?
Who is Piers Polkiss?
How many knuts in a galleon?
What takes place, in Book 1, on the anniversary of Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington's death?
Who teaches Ancient Runes at Hogwarts?
Who was killed in order to make Nagini a horcrux?
Which Professor does Hermione ask about the Chamber of Secrets in Book 2?
What did Dudley get as a 'Welcome Home for the Summer' present in Book 3?
What was the name of the centaur who took Umbridge through the Forbidden Forrest towards the end of Book 5?
Who explains to Harry what a mudblood is?
Who sent the howler reminding Petunia of the pact she had sealed by taking in Harry?
Who referees Harry's second quidditch match?
In Book 5, who explained to Vernon what dementors are?
What honor did Dumbledore not award Harry for fear that he already had too many responsibilities to attend to?
What creature bites Harry upon his first visit to The Burrow in Book 2?
What was Elphias Doge's Wizengamot Title?
What is Barnabas Cuffe's job?
Which person writes down the week's passwords to Gryffindor Tower, thus allowing Sirius Black to enter?
What Quidditch maneuver did Krum perform at the World Cup?
After Sirius' death, from whom did Harry learn that 12 Grimmauld Place belonged to him?
Where does Dudley Dursley go to school?
What is inscribed backwards on the Mirror of Erised?
What's the name of the village pub in Little Hangleton?
Who made Dumbledore suspect that Hufflepuff's Cup was a horcrux?
The wand Neville used during the battle at the Department of Mysteries was broken. To whom did this wand originally belong?
What department of the Ministry of Magic does Bob Ogden for?
Who are the quidditch commentators in Book 6?
Which witch submitted to being burned at the stak 'no less than 47 times' during the Middle Ages?
What does Dumbledore enjoy doing according to his chocolate frog card?
What was Ludo Bagman's vice?
What spell does Slughorn use to save the choking Belby?
Which came first the phoenix or the flame?
What does Professor Lockhart give Harry for Valentine's Day?
Harry received several rounds of letters from Hogwarts. What was the first forwarding address after 4 Privet Drive?
What is the name of Aragog's wife?
Who teaches Arithmancy?
What creature lures travellers into bogs with a lantern dangling from its hand?
With whom did the sorting end in the Book 4?
What kind of snake does Tom Riddle's uncle pet and sing a song to? (Hint: the song is about nailing said snake to the door.)
When did wizards officially go into hiding from muggles?

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