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What giant robot aids you in the quest 'Take it Back'?
What expansion pack allows you to continue quests after you 'finish' the game?
What's the name of the book that increases your repair skill?
What schematics do you get awarded after you complete the 'The Nuka-Cola Challenge', giving the cola directly to Sierra?
What is the first quest you get?
What vault can you not access through the main door?
Who starts the quest 'Blood Ties'?
What's the name of Daring Dashwood's manservant?
When in the Pitt, what is your first duty?
What type of gun is found at the alien crash sight?
How many Vault Tech bobbleheads are there?
What type of feral ghoul has the most health/hit points?
What new enemy appears at Point Lookout?
What special breed of mirelurk is roaming the Nuka-Cola Plant?
What animal was widely unaffected by the radiation?
How many expansion packs have came out for Fallout 3?
What does the 'E' in SPECIAL stand for?
Where is the Medicine bobblehead found?
After taking the punga seed, and being exposed to the punga fumes; what are the Vault Tech bobbleheads renamed?
What item can be woren to make feral ghouls nonhostile?
What are the two swampfolks with the most health/hit points?
What gun is wielded by Gruber, the last enemy the lone wanderer must fight in the Hole (combat arena in the Pitt)?
Who can give you the Wazer Wifle?
What is the first enemy you kill in Fallout 3?
What robot goes flying around the wasteland playing Enclave Radio?
What is the full name of the self proclaimed president of the wasteland?
What is the name of the clothing that is in the safe mentioned in 'Grady's last recording'?
How many alien captive recorded logs are there?
What is the level up cap if all expansion packs are installed?
What is the name of the 'brainwashed' ghoul who can become your companion character?

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