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Styles of communication and personality
Style that is encouraged and creates a good impression of your expertise 
Style that is heavily discouraged, as it encourages others to simply 'walk over you'. 
Style that is effectively a stronger version of the first, but may be a little too much to the point where it can have negative effects on how you're presented (seen as too pushy) 
Form of Media
Example (seen as richest form) 
Example (seen as weakest form) 
Communication Barriers
Example (any disturbance that disrupts the process of communication, and interferes with the transfer of messages) 
Distractions existing because of events happening around you, the noise that exists around you, or actions being performed by the listener or talker 
Includes poor choice of words, and mixed messages 
What KISS stands for 
occur when words say one thing, but non-verbal cues say another 
communication between people of different national or geographical backgrounds can make this a barrier 
Can cause one-way communication to go unnoticed, as the one talking won't know if what he's said has been understood, since the other person hasn't given any indication of an understanding 
Can cause issues in communication between persons of different ranks in an organization 
occurs when people are reluctant to communicate bad news 
What MBWA stands for (involves getting out of the office to directly communicate with others; used to avoid the above) 
Organizational Communication
process through which information is exchanged in organization 
Follows the official chain of command 
Doesn't follow the official chain of command 
Communication Flows and Directions
Goes from upper-level to lower-level to influence strategies, objectives, instructions, policies, and feedback 
Goes from lower-level to higher-level to inform problems, results, suggestions, questions, and needs 
Goes between those of the same level to coordinate problems, needs, advice, and feedback 
Communication Networks
Links all group members directly with each other (Best for COMPLEX tasks) 
Links group members through a central control point (best for SIMPLE tasks) 
Links subgroups that disagree with other's positions (SLOW task accomplishment) 

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