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An HPO must account for this 
An HPO must account for this 
An HPO must account for this 
Needs of customer are ______ 
This reason for a changing workforce is due to more women, more visible minorities, aging workforce 
This reason for a changing workforce wants: greater autonomy, challenging work, flexible work schedules; work in a team; loyalty not important to them 
This reason for a changing workforce exists in many high school graduates; in a knowledge-driven economy, lack of basic skills means need for expensive remedial training 
three leaves comprised of core full-time workers, outside contractors, and part-time workers as needed 
This component exists because decision making by employees enhances productivity and satisfaction 
This components exists because workers are empowered to plan, do, and evaluate their own work 
Use of technology to make manufacturing and services flexible; extensive use of computers, just-in-time approach 
Gather information to anticipate change and prepare for adaptation  
Commitment to high quality results, continuous improvement, meeting customer needs 
Challenge where companies need to keep tuned in to changes in environment, e.g., changing customer expectations, and be aware that outputs include not only the product or service provided, but also impact on quality of life of organizational members, impact on society through activities 
This challenge exists because smooth integration of all five components needed yet not easy 
Challenge exists because there may be resistance from employees, managers, or tensions between components (TQM, etc). 
Eg, deciding how many HPO components to use, trying to extend North American business practices internationally, and training & development of middle managers, whose roles are drastically changing and who may resist 
Restructuring how a company works has shown less success than simply creating a new one 
starting the HPO from scratch 

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