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thinnest layer of the earth
plates broken up
zone where collision and subduction take place
study of dynamic process taking place on earth's surface
cells also known as currents move large volumes of rock and heat
really hot zone and melted rock that flows
rock made of sediments-dead plants and animals remains
. crust underlies the ocean basins and is 71% of the earth's crust
molten rock
process that breaks down rock into smaller particles
type of wave that tries to reach a recording instrument
scale unit is 10x greater than the next smaller unit
9. large series of waves when part of the ocean floor drops or rises
surrounding the core also known as a thick zone
shaking of ground or permanent vertical or horizontal displacement of the ground
rock occurs when a preexisting rock is subjected to higher temperatures
earth's innermost layer
crust underlines the continents
combination of one or more minerals found in earth's crust
rock below or on the earth's surface when magma is present from the earth's upper mantle
rock that contains large enough concentration of partical sediment
physical and nuclear changes
materials lying over sediment are brought for processing

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