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pollution unwanted or disturbing or harmful sounds that damages with hearing
system between urban areas is another option for reducing the use of cars
open area reserved for recreation
methods to live better and decrease their footprints
movements is devoted to making city streets as useful and safe for bicyclists and pedestrians as they are for cars and trucks
growth encourage the environment and development that uses less cars and wasteful resources
accidents have killed more Americans than have all the wars in the country's history
squatter settlements where people take over unoccupied land without the owners permission
good environment that are made by village movement groups
most widely used transportation within urban areas worldwide, because they have more advantages
sprawl growth of low density development on the edges of cities and towns
movement small groups of people come together to design and live in more sustainable villages
grows outward, separate urban areas sometimes to merge
various parcels of land are used for certain uses such as residential, commercial, and mixed use
creation and growth of urban and suburban areas
charge tax or fee on gasoline to cover the estimated harmful costs of driving
approach, based on honest environmental accounting
. people-oriented city, not a car cit
planning determine the best present and future use of each parcel of land
. environmental education center and water facility that cleans and recycles the omega institutes campus using zero chemicals and net energy

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