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Forced Order
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'Do you know what's waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!'
'Y-you think that's a Schwinn?'
'All the ways you wish you could be, that's me. I look like you wanna look, I **** like you wanna ****, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that yo
'What's in the box?'
'Some people, were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare.
'My father's going to be very upset when he hears about this! And when my father gets upset, the ground SHAKES!'
'The nose plays.'
'Look at my red hands and my mean face... and I wonder 'bout that man that's gone so wrong.'
'Option A: You talk, we listen, no pain. Option B: You don't talk, I remove your thumbs with my pliers, it will hurt.
'I have nothing to do with your silly war.'
'Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps... and I want my scalps!'
'Off the top of my head, I'd say you're looking at a Boeski, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.'
'Oh, I'll never leave Montana, brother.'
'I need a lift in your el truck-o to the next town-o! '
'Good dags. D'ya like dags?'
'This is your ****-up country, it's your responsibility!'
'I can't believe you people. I come for you, and you want to stay, I let you stay and you want to go.'
'Oh! Oh he's mean. He's just mean spirited. All right, how many espressos have you had?'

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