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Can you name the characters on Lost based on the real life people who inspired their names?

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Philosopher whose work was influential on social contract theory and suggested the human mind is a blank slate or 'tabula rasa'
Scottish philosopher and historian who had a strong impact on political philosophy and economics
English fantasy author most notable for the Chronicles of Narnia Series
French philosopher whose theorized that man in a state of nature would be a noble savage
Physicist and chemist whose name is also used as a unit to measure electrical charge
Philosopher, jurist and social reformer important to the development of utilitarianism
German mathematician who developed the geometry of numbers and applied geometrical methods to many fields
Spiritual teacher known as Ram Dass who wrote the bestseller Remember Be Here Now
Russian revolutionary figure who advocated the theory of collective anarchism
English politician and founder of the Whig party who became acquainted with John Locke when being treated for liver infection
Palestinian literary theorist best known for his book Orientalism which analyzed Western study of Eastern culture
Chemist and physicist who discovered the concept of radioactive half life and became known as the father of nuclear physics
Philosopher known for controversial social commentary and declared economics to be the 'dismal science'
British physicist known for his contributions to the fields of cosmology and quantum gravity, and for publishing the bestseller A Brief History of Time
Author of romantic fiction whose notable works include Emma and Sense and Sensibility

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