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The 10th anniversary year:Graduated members made an apparence!
Second Team B song in a single(first being Shonichi)in Chance no Junban
First Upcoming Girls centerCenter for Chewing Gum no Aji ga Naku Naru Made(Kokoro no Placard)
Name of the unit formed by Itano Tomomi & Kasai TomomiTheir song is Love Wars,for Kamen Rider W
Request Hour 2015 have ______ songs available to voteNumber of 48G songs released by the date of voting period
Which girl has been center of Undergirls most times?She decided to transfer to HKT48. Watanbe Mayu's best friend.
She posted support messages to a fan that was thinking to commit suicideHas a cute character in TV but with the other members acts cold
It's a model for the lingerie company Peach JohnShe's the center of Heart Ereki
The unit Okashina Sisters was renamed as _____Watanbe Mayu was the center of the unit
NMB48 member transferred to AKB48Loves impersonating Mayuyu
YM7 won this songSashihara centers it
The new soukantokuFirst auditioned for SKE,but failed. Member of Not Yet.
First draft member in an AKB48 single senbatsuHer first senbatsu is the 38th single
She was born in Arizona,USAShe can speak fluent english,of course
All the members who didn't rank in the sousenkyo are in this unitThe song was Ano Hi no Fuurin of Gingham Check
AKB Charity projectIt's also the name of a stage,and a song
Winner of the 2015 janken tournamentWon the solo single Migiashi Evidence
Unit winner of the AmebaPigg Unit Battlethe song was Kimi ni Tsuite
Winner of request hour 2009Team B most popular song
First Future Girls centerCentered Show Fight!
Title song of AKB documentary ''The time has come''Included in the 6th album
She graduated from AKB48 on 2009 but returns in 2014 as a baito memberFirst kenkyuusei to be promoted to a team
The ace of 14th generation.Center of TentoumuIs one of the three musketeers!
AKB transfer member to JKT that leaved AKB48 permanentlyNow she's only an JKT48 member
First stage of AKB48NGT48 performs this stage currently
Team K captainMember of No3b.
Unit formed by Mayuyu,Karen & Yui for Sailor ZombieIncluded in the 37th single ''Kokoro no Placard''
Wich team has won more Kouhaku Uta Gassen?Akagumi ,Shirogumi or tie?2011-2015
First A-side with Kashiwagi Yuki as center39th single.Wcenter with Kojima Haruna
Kobayashi Kana has the record of most performances on the theater.Which number is her goal?She surpased the 838 performances record
Winner of the 1st & 2nd DIVA competition in AKBINGOThe enka singer of AKB
Team 8 original centerKennin in Team K
First Team Surprise song?It's the M01 song of the Team Surprise 1st stage
This member has a Youtube account where she uploads song coversA 9th gen member
AKB48 girl known for having big eyebrowsShe's the clone of a certain girl of Wreck-it-Ralph!
HintAnswerExtra hint
Name one of the winners of the second wiz audition (2014)NMB48 & AKB48
The girl who was a part-timer in akb cafe and fans voted for her to enter AKB48Sadistic Girl~~
Color of Team 8
Winner of request hour 2013Performed by old Team 4
The absolute ace of AKB48Graduated.Has a solo singer career and is an actress
First Team K song in a singlein Chance no Junban
1st gen member that ended doing AV after her graduation (currently retired)She was in senbatsu at the first singles
unit formed by the members with roles at the anime of AKBwhen the anime finished,the unit ended too
Former member who's now a succesful business womanShe's married with a model called Alexander
The fashion queen former AKB member,currently in a solo career
Captain of NGT48Member of Not Yet and actress
Most popular muchaburi segment on AKBINGOStrange cuisine,embarrassing makeup,are some of the muchaburis
Color of Team 4
4th gen member with an ear fetishHuge fan of Kobashi Kenta
Title song of AKB documentary ''Show must go on''Most popular song of 1830m album
Sato Amina is the center for this songKoi Suru fortune cookie single
Sub-unit formed by 3 1st gen membersKojima Haruna is the center
The only single released only in digital formatSwimming pool party!
First Undergirls centerCenter for Tobenai Agehachou in Iiwake Maybe
She's the cousin of a Berryz Kobo memberTransferred to NMB48. Center of Hito Natsu no Hankouki
First original HKT48 member to be center on an AKB48 singleWas a child actress.She's a talented writer
Year when the AKB48 1st gen audition was heldThe first members of AKB48!
Color of Team A
Winner of request hour 2010Song for the first election single
Winner of the 2014 janken tournamentShe won the solo single Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite
Winner of the 2012 janken tournamentSalty
Sub-unit formed by the ''super kenkyuusei'' And now any of them is a kenkyuusei
The original center of stage song ''Heart Gata Virus''Sexy Bunny
She wants to become a Fresh Lemon!Fresh lemon ni naritai no~~
Winner of request hour 2014Performed by Minegishi Team 4
AKB48 based anime with two seasonsfighting for the entertainment industry!
First Team A song in a singlein Chance no Junban
Name one of the 2 units formed by a center of AKB48 and the other members of Nogizaka46One is for a C/W of a solo single and the other for the 38th single
First member/former member to release a solo singleShe has only that single
The ''scaredy cat''of AKB. Over-reacts a lotEven more than Yukirin!
HintAnswerExtra hint
Team B captainSKE48 transfer member. She was a senbatsu member in SKE.
Maeda Atsuko graduation concert was held at...1830m ~~
Unit formed by Takajo Aki,Kashiwagi Yuki & Kuramochi AsukaTheir latest single was Omoidasenai Hana
First Team 4 song in a singlein Kaze wa Fuiteiru
A-side with most centersFirst single to have 32 senbatsu members.Best selling single of AKB48
Winner of the 3rd DIVA competitionSKE48 member
Color of Team K
First Next Girls song Iwasa Misaki centered it
Center of BKA48With Haste & Waste
Only girl to be in the Unit Natto Angel & Natto Angels ZMad Dog
Original ''Baka center''Her goal in AKB was to reach 1000 theater shows
Winner of request hour 2008AKB48 1st indie single
Unit with the members dressed as vegetablesThe 2 songs were used for Kagome CMs
First song for Theater GirlsRIVER single
Winner of the 2010 janken tournamentRuns a restaurant called Yakiniku Iwa
Sub-unit disbanded in 2014Her last single is ''Discovery''
Name of the janken song of 2013(not full name,don't worry)Matsui Jurina won the tournament
HKT48 transfer member to AKB48 team AShe's good singing and in variety
AKB48 Group General ManagerAlso the main stylist of the group
The last dating sim featuring 48G girls had ____ availableNumber of girls available to date,the number appears in the tittle
Only song to win 2 request hours (2011,2012)I want you ~~
Has a solo career as a pianistShe released a cd featuring piano covers of AKB songs
Color of Team B
Song for the Baito AKB membersBaito version for Hebirote ~~
First AKB48 sub-unit everMiyazawa Sae,Akimoto Sayaka & Nakanishi Rina
First hosts of AKBINGO!Sata & Kiyoto are their real names
Name of the janken song of 2011Shinoda Mariko won the tournament
First kennin of AKB48?SKE48 member,longest kennin ever
AKB48 member transfered to HKT48 after a scandalWinner of the 4th and 6th senbatsu sousenkyo
Winner of the 6th senbatsu election (2014)The otaku ace! Loves takarazuka
Unit formed by Kawaei Rina,Iriyama Anna & Kato RenaUnit for Sashihara Rino 2nd single,Ikuji Nashi Masquerade
The majime idolHer family is rich. She's a majime ojousama!
The ex-soukantokuJane Doe~~
Title song of AKB documentary ''No flower without rain''Included in Tsugi no Ashiato album
Winner of the first wiz auditionWas held in AKBINGO,Graduated

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