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Can you name the Extreme Points on Earth?

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Extreme CategoryExtreme PlaceData
Highest Point29,029 feet above sealevel
Lowest Point (on dry land)1,371 feet below sealevel
Lowest Point (underwater)35,797 feet below sealevel
Hottest Inhabited PlaceAverage of 94 degrees fahrenheit
Coldest Inhabited Place*average daily value could not be found. Help would be appreciated*
Highest Recorded Air Temperature136 degrees fahrenheit on September 13, 1922
Lowest Recorded Air Temperature-129 degrees fahrenheit on July 21, 1983
Extreme CategoryExtreme PlaceData
Wettest Place on Earth (by total anual rainfall)467 inches of rain per year
Driest Place on Earth.04 inches of rain per year
Highest Waterfall3,212 feet high
Longest Exposed Mountain RangeOver 4,300 miles long
Longest Unexposed Mountain RangeOver 40,400 miles long
Largest River (by volume of water discharged per second)7,734,000 cubic feet per second
Largest Fresh Water Lake (by volume)5,600 cubic miles

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