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Can you name the Chug and Omanut?

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Chug/OmanutAnswerHint Time
ChugAre you more like Federer? Bryant? Pele? Jeter?
ChugLike Antactica, but melted
Chug1 of 2 activities where you wear a helmet
ChugHang out with Sonny
ChugTakes place in Nottingham
ChugThe only acitivity that uses a trowel
ChugDon't be scared, it's just 50 feet.
ChugHi-ya! Key-aye! Sadatay!
Chug/OmanutAnswerHint Time
Omanut'Romeo Romeo, where are thou guy named Romeo?'
Omanut'Boker Tov Camp Alonim! It's DJ T-Smash!'
Omanutwith a writing instrument
Omanutwith a musical instrument
OmanutThe place where you shrink things, break things, put things together, and create things.
OmanutThink Safety.
OmanutThe pen is mightier than the sword

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