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HintTeam Fact
Played there first home game at Clemson University
Has lost the most the most times in the Super Bowl
Has the Most players enshrined in the Hall of Fame
Has the NFL record for most points at home in a single season
Was founded by the man the Cleveland Browns are named after
Has the longest losing streak in NFL history
Has the NFL record for fewest penalties in a single 16 game season
The newest NFL Franchise
Its fan base has been voted most intimidating by the players, after all they threw snowballs at Santa
Only team to pull off back to back championships, twice
One of their nicknames is 'The Purple People Eaters'
The only team to share a stadium with a MLB team?
Was one the expansion teams in 1995 along with the Carolina Panthers
Most consecutive games won by a NFL team (including playoffs)
The First Super Bowl champion not named the Green Bay Packers
Last team to win the Super bowl while it was played in their home state
HintTeam Fact
Has the NFL record for most team sacks in a single half
Has the NFL's Largest stadium by capacity
Most northern NFL Team, geographically
Has more first overall picks in the NFL draft then any other team
Team name was inspired by an Edgar Allen Poe poem
Most Recent team to have a winless season
The only team in the NFL that does not have a helmet logo
The winning team of the music city miracle
Originally Founded by Lamar Hunt as the Dallas Texans
Recorded the most safeties in a single game
Only team to go undefeated in the regular season and win the Super Bowl
Closest team geographically to Mexico
Has the NFL record for best turnover margin for a single season
One of the two remaing founding NFL franchises along with the Chicago Bears
The only team to win four consecutive Conference Championships
The coldest game ever played was on the teams home field

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