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Can you name the Eternal Sonata Characters?

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From the game eternal sonata, english naAnswer
Blonde girl who fights with an umbrella, has magic
Main character, and famous composer
Street thief, fights with a sword
Little boy with a camera and a gun
Girl with bow and arrows, and a tiny adorable pet
Redheaded twin child who loves hats, one of the two forest guardians
Violet haired twin child with a more reserved personality, one of the forest guardians
Leader of Andantino, huge sword
Grey haired childhood friend of Andantino's leader, grey haired, fights with her fists
From the game eternal sonata, english naAnswer
Leader of Andantino's girlfriend, spy, fights with rapier
Young prince of Baroque
Fiancee of Baroque's Prince, Spy for Forte
Leader of Forte, developer of mineral powder
Old man, lieutenant of Forte, obedient to his leader
Fat brutish man, leader of Forte's military
Has a cool monocle, searching for glowing agogos
Female assassin, fights with dual blades, works for Forte
Mother of the girl who fights with an umbrella

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