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The Malfoy's house elf was called...
Tonks and Lupin call their son...
The barman at the leaky cauldron is called...
During the Triwizard tournament, Harry picks out in the dragon challenge the..
The truth spilling potion is called...
What stone is found in a goat's stomach?
What body part was found of peter pettigrew?
Slughorn's favourite sweet..
3 headed dog was called..
On the first flying lesson, neville broke his..
What garment of ron's must come out of the wash before they can embark on the quest for the horcruxes?
The wizarding coin with the least value is called a...
What sandwiches does Molly make for Ron for his first journey to Hogwarts?
What kind of juice is normally served in the great hall?
How long is Harry's wand? (Oo-er)
Fleur Delacour is part..
The seeker for the Irish quiddich team's surname is...
What feature of Ginny's does Harry tell Ron is attractive?
To go to two lessons at the same time, Hermione aquires a..
Dumbledore's mother was called..
The last three words in the last book are..

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