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Can you name the original songs and artist of these songs which were copurred by cat artists?

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Copurred SongOriginal Song and ArtistCopurring Artist
Dark PurrsCaty Purry
All about them purrsMeowghan Trainor
PurrtenderLitter Antepurrlum
Cattonite3 Purrs Down
UnkittenCatasha Bedingfield
PurrncyKitty Meowelea feat. Catli XCX
RecatAmy Winemeows
It's time (to feed me)Imagine Kittens
Meowbo No. 5 (A kitty purr of...)Tomcat Bega
Copurred SongOriginal Song and ArtistCopurring Artist
Purr me maybeCatly Meow Jepsen
Sex meow FireQueens of Leon
Catsing PurrvementsPurrdele
CatbodiaKitty Wilde
Thnks fr th prrsFall Meowt Boy
Hey purr DelilahPlain White C's
No MeowAlicia Kats
I'd like a purrdNelly Purrtado
My heart will purr onPawline Dion
Top of the PurrldCatpenters

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