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Can you name the Creatures of Harry Potter?

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Forced Order
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Harry's pet (name)
Hermione's pet (name)
Saved Sirius Black, attacked Malfoy
Belonged to Hagrid, lived in the Forbidden Forest,
Hagrid's pet (name)
Guarded the Sorcerer's Stone
Hagrid won this at the Hog's Head
Harry fought them in the second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament
Saved Harry from Voldemort in Sorcerer's Stone, drove off Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix
Dumbledore's pet
Ron's pet, given to him by Sirius Black (name)
Voldemort's pet (name)
Guarded the Chamber of Secrets
Was the servant of the Malfoys, freed by Harry
Harry had to search for their blood for detention
Care of Magical Creatures lesson, very dangerous
Care of Magical Creatures lesson, very boring
Helped Harry get to the Ministry to save Sirius, invisible to most people
Used to search for gold

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