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Can you pick the Pretty Little Liars Characters?

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Went missing/ Now is in jail
Used to date a teacher
Used to be overwieght/ hit by a car/ fashonista
Blind girl
Gay, swimmer, had a thing for alison
Smart girl, lives in her sister shadow
used to be part of the A- team
doctor- smart girls sisters ex fiance
Smart girls Sister
Smart girls mom
Smart girls dad
Smart girls sisters husband/ dead
Dead detective
Dead cop
Smart girls boyfriend
Swimmers ex girlfriend/ dead
Swimmers ex girlfriend/ old
Swimmers ex girlfriend/ recent
Fashonistas boyfriend
Fashonistas ex boyfriend
Helped fashonistas mom out of jail
Fashonistas Mom
Fashonistas Moms Boyfriend
Fashonistas Dad
Swimmers Mom
Swimmers Dad
Martial Arts Boyfriend
Arias Mom
Arias Dad
Teacher/ dated student
Arias recent boyfriend
Alisons Mom
Alisons Dad
Alisons Brother
Big A
Red Coat
In love with Mona \ Arias Brother
The girls Therapist
Nate St Germain real name
Hannas Dads wife
Hannas Step-sister
Wildens Replacement
Monas friend/ Went for monas trial
Part of the A team/ dead
Had a affair with Arias dad
Arias Moms ex boyfriend / into hanna
Had a crush on Hanna
Throws a lot of parties
Ezras high school girlfriend
Ezras 'son' ( not really)

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