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Can you name the Heinz Doofenshmirtz Trivia ?

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What is his uncle's name? (who looks like the cat he saves)
What is Doofenshmirtz's online nickname?
As a child, what was he forced to do?
Why did his mother like his brother better?
What was his balloons name as a child?
Who ended up with the balloon?
When trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat, what showed up instead?
What is every evil scheme he makes end with?
Who did he take an intership with?
What is one of the reasons why he took the intership?
Why was his building so cheap?
He hates every holiday, including his birthday, except...
To him, what does 'dosvedanyas' mean in spanish?
What band played in one of his flashbacks?
What did his father name the dog he won?
What does he wear at night while he is sleeping?
What is his password to his computer?
What world record does he hold? (which candance breaks)
What are the lyrics to the song he trys to brainwash people with?

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