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Can you name the facts from Season 2 of the TV show 'The O.C.'??

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Who says, 'Of course I'm screwed up, I'm the daughter of a thief and a ****.'
Who gets out of jail and ends up staying with the Cohen?
Julie cheats on Caleb with _____?
Summer's character Seth creates for Atomic County
'Hi, it's you friendly neighborhood_______'
Sandy, Seth, and Ryan go to Miami to visit whom?
Who dies at the end of the season
Name of the winter dance?
Who was being blackmailed for making a porn video?
How long have Sandy and Kirsten been married in this season?
Girl who passes out in Marissa's pool at Trey's birthday
The yard guy Marissa hooks up wtih
Spills his coffee on Lindsey
Leaves Zach at the airport
Moves back to Newport after finding out Theresa lost the baby
Is always sad and sits alone at the lifeguard station
Where do Ryan, Marissa, Summer, and Seth get locked in overnight?
The name of Seth and Zach's comic book
Marissa moves out of her house and into _____'s apartment
_______ hides in Sandy's office and is discovered by Kirsten
Ryan and Seth have to steal back the crystal egg from the Tom Cruise movie, '_______' that is supposed to be auctioned off
Lindsey creates yama-klauses for what special holiday?
What animal do Ryan and Marissa design out of popsicle sticks to build for the Sweatshirt bonfire
What/who inspired their design
Where does Seth stand on a hot dog stand to try and win back Summer
What sport does Zach play?
'Honey, I'm mid-shmeer'
'Okay if I wanted my parade rained on I would just step outside'
Catches Marissa making out with D.J. in the driveway
Who gets drunk on their 'girls night out'
Where does Seth get a job at?
Seth's favortie band/concert he ends up missing
Marissa ends her relationship with D.J. and falls in love with _____?
Who said, 'And suddenly there was a hot hot yard guy, in the yard, who was hot.'
Who wins prom queen?
Who shoots Trey at the end of Season 2?
Who says, 'Kirsten and Carter sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.'
Calebs illegitimate daughter/Ryan's girlfriend
Summer's nickname for Zach
Wants to be selfless

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