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Can you answer the questions about the Triwizard Tournament?

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Which dragon did Fleur pick in the first task?
Which dragon did Krum pick in the first task?
Which dragon did Cedric pick in the first task?
Which champion was first to face their dragon?
What colour was Krum's dragon?
What colour were the Horntail's eyes?
What did Cedric transfigure a rock into?
What did Harry score in the first task?
What colour paste was on Cedric's wound?
In what month did the second task take place?
What did Dobby say Harry needed to retrieve from the lake?
What was the first creature in the lake to attack Harry?
What spell does Harry attempt to aim at the above creature?
Who points Harry towards the hostages?
What were the merpeople holding?
Which charm did both Fleur and Cedric use in the second task?
What did Krum try to transfigure himself into?
What was the name of Fleur's sister?
What potion does Madam Pomfrey give the champions and hostages?
What did Fleur score in the second task?
In what month did the third task take place?
Which teacher is last to talk to Harry before he enters the maze?
Which spell did Harry use to tell him which way was north?
What was the first creature Harry met in the maze?
What did Harry walk into that turned everything upside-down?
What spell did Harry originally aim at the above?
What was the second spell/jinx Harry aimed at the Skrewt?
Which curse did Krum use on Cedric?
Which creature presented Harry with a riddle?
What creature attacked Cedric just before he reached the Cup?

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