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Can you answer questions about Snape's memories in the 'The Prince's Tale'?

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What are Lily and Petunia sitting on in the first scene?
What did Lily have in her palm that scared Petunia?
Where did Snape live?
What was Lily's nickname for Petunia?
What falls on Petunia after she insults Snape?
Who does Lily tell Petunia she'll talk to once she's at Hogwarts?
Apart from Lily and Snape, who was mentioned as being in the same compartment on the Hogwarts Express?
What unkind nickname is given to Snape on the train journey?
Who does Snape sit next to after being sorted?
Which of Snape's friends does Lily call 'creepy'?
Who saved Snape at the Whomping Willow?
What insulting name does Lily call James?
Which O.W.L exam had Snape just finished?
What offensive name does Snape call Lily?
Who told Lily that Snape was threatening to sleep outside Gryffindor Tower?
What does Lily say Snape and his friends are aiming to be?
Who does Snape meet on the hilltop?
What is Dumbledore reading when Snape complains of Harry's arrogance and behaviour?
Who does Dumbledore tell Snape to 'keep an eye on'?
Which Yule Ball couple pass Snape and Dumbledore during one of their conversations?
Which Death Eater does Dumbledore say Snape is braver than?
What colour potion did Snape give Dumbledore after he was cursed by the ring?
Who does Dumbledore say likes to 'play with her food before she eats it'?
Dumbledore says that Voldemort would eventually come to fear for whose life?
What is Snape's patronus?
Who does Dumbledore suggest Snape confund?
Who did Snape mistakenly hit with Sectumsempra?
In whose bedroom does Snape cry over a photograph?
Phineas Nigellus tells Snape that Harry is where?
What is behind the portrait of Dumbledore?

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